How To Fold The Flag

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How To Fold The Flag
How To Fold The Flag

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When holding special ceremonial (most often mourning) events, the national flag must be folded in a certain way according to the established rules. There are four ways to fold the flag. Each has its own name: red triangular bag, white triangular bag, blue triangular bag with white corner and stripe, blue triangular bag with red corner and stripe.

How to fold the flag
How to fold the flag


Step 1

Observing the symbolism of the colors of the flag, for the funeral of men, fold the flag in the form of a red bag or a blue bag with a red corner and a stripe. For young people, use the blue and red bag folding technique, and for older women, use the white bag or blue bag with a white corner and stripe. When saying goodbye to the girls, fold the flag in a white bag.

Step 2

The order of folding the red bag is as follows: initially fold the flag in half along the long side. Next, grab the 2 near corners with one hand, while holding the fold with the other - this fold turns into the corner of a new rectangle. Smooth out the package you received.

Step 3

To get a blue-red package, start folding movements to the right, forward, upward from the blue-red side.

Step 4

To fold the flag in the form of a white bag or a blue bag with a white corner, after folding the flag along its long side of the hand, swap and fold the flag again in the lateral direction. With the correct action, other colors of the flag will appear outside.

Step 5

If you need to fold not the national flag, but, for example, the flag of a military unit, also use these techniques. It is important that the package formed when folding the flag looks like a complete color composition.

Step 6

Bending itself, depending on experience and skill, can be done in two ways. Fold the flag horizontally in such a way that each fold of the fabric is again accompanied by a rotation of the entire garment 180 degrees.

Step 7

In the vertical plane, fold the flag in such a way that its upper edge is constantly at the level of your chest. Folding the national flag vertically is a more ceremonial option.

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