How To Carve A Spoon From Wood

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How To Carve A Spoon From Wood
How To Carve A Spoon From Wood

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In our technological age, a wooden spoon is still irreplaceable. Made from natural and eco-friendly material, it does not burn, does not alter the quality and taste of food. It is pleasant to use it - especially if it is made with your own hands and with soul. Even a novice woodcarver can make a spoon.

How to carve a spoon from wood
How to carve a spoon from wood


  • - wooden block;
  • - hatchet;
  • - flat and semicircular chisel;
  • - a hacksaw for wood;
  • - a file for wood;
  • - rasp;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - wood varnish;
  • - stain;
  • - pencil;
  • - ruler.


Step 1

Spoons are made from different trees. It is best to use linden, aspen, alder, ash or birch as they are easy to handle. However, an ash spoon will nap, an oak spoon will crack faster. Spoons are not made from coniferous trees, because they contain resin, which is bitter in taste. Successful spoons are obtained from fruit species, the main thing is that the tree is sufficiently dry. You can also cut a maple spoon: it does not crack, does not wrinkle after washing, and is durable.

Step 2

First, take a log under your future spoon and split or saw it in half. On the flat side, draw the outline of the spoon with a pencil. Take a hacksaw and cut along the contour of the spoon. Then remove the excess wood in the cuts so that the spoon remains (while in a rough initial version).

Step 3

Use a hatchet or flat chisel to cut off sharp edges and form a scoop on the back. After that, make a tilt angle from the side where there will be a depression inside the bowl of the spoon, and then at the base of the handle on the opposite side.

Step 4

File the place where the handle meets the bowl of the spoon with a file. Finish with sandpaper on a round stick. Use a coarse rasp to round and create the outside of the spoon's indentation.

Step 5

Sand the spoon with sandpaper or on a sander. Then use a semicircular chisel to cut a recess in the bowl of the spoon, while checking the thickness to avoid making it overly thin.

Step 6

So, you have a spoon that needs to be cleaned, as well as made smooth and beautiful. For this purpose, use sandpaper, a sander, or the old and slow method - smooth out any irregularities and roughness with sand and leather (for example, a leather soldier's belt).

Step 7

Finish the inside of the spoon by sanding it with coarse and fine sandpaper. After that, also polish the inside of the spoon scoop.

Step 8

After finishing sanding for durability, you can dip the spoon in warm vegetable oil using the old recipe. Thus, it will be protected from moisture. You can then stain it with wood stain to protect the wood and give the spoon a nice color, as well as varnish it with wood varnish.

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