All About Ash Wood As A Material

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All About Ash Wood As A Material
All About Ash Wood As A Material

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Ash grows in Europe, especially in Poland, in the foothills of the Alps, on the Baltic coast. It is considered a valuable tree species. There are water ash trees, they are found in floodplain forests, and calcareous, which grow on dry limestones.

All about ash wood as a material
All about ash wood as a material


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Wood is valued for its strength, durability, beautiful, unique texture. Its drawing, especially in the butt part, resembles a wave crest. The wood belongs to heavy and hard varieties, its bending and tearing characteristics exceed the strength of oak. The density is 600-700 kg / m3. Such qualities of ash as viscosity, elasticity, resilience are also in demand. The steamed wood bends easily, does not crack when dried. The color of the wood is grayish, reddish, yellowish, with clearly visible annual rings, can be treated with water and alcohol based stains.

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Ash as a building material is underestimated, it is resistant to deformation, is little affected by fungus, and has ideal properties for making stairs. Some manufacturers use it to make body frames for cars, believing that this material successfully combines lightness and strength. In recent years, ash wood has been gaining popularity, furniture makers are showing interest in it.

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Wood is used in furniture production as solid wood or in the form of veneer and plywood. The headsets are trimmed with veneer, the array is used to assemble curved-shaped furniture, for example, armchairs or chairs. From this tree species, a high-quality parquet board is obtained, because it has a low coefficient of water absorption, moreover, ash parquet can withstand heavy loads and is durable.

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Doors, interior items, panels for walls and ceilings - this is an incomplete list of items that can be made from valuable wood. The material is in demand at the carpentry enterprise; light and durable cuttings for shovels, axes, braids, hammers, window frames, and sports equipment are made from it.

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Ash is also used in turning, craftsmen create various things from it: toys, dishes, souvenirs. In the aviation industry, the material is used to make screws for light aircraft models. Many industries need this valuable breed. For the textile industry, some machine parts are made. Shotguns use the material to produce strong, lightweight stocks with minimal recoil.

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Ash is a technical species, except for wood, bark, root, leaves of a tree are in demand. Black, brown and blue colors are obtained from leaves and bark. The wood of the roots is used for crafts. It is perfectly polished and polished. Uprooting the stumps, the roots are sawed off, washed, peeled from the bark, smeared with lime milk and dried.

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