Are There Prophetic Dreams For Easter?

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Are There Prophetic Dreams For Easter?
Are There Prophetic Dreams For Easter?
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It is known that prophetic dreams exist. And during Easter week, the chances are especially high that dreams can turn out to be prophetic. But scientists and priests treat such dreams differently.

Are there prophetic dreams for Easter?
Are there prophetic dreams for Easter?

Easter Dreams

Easter is the main and brightest holiday in the Christian religion. It means the Resurrection of Christ. It is celebrated in the spring, on the first Sunday after the full moon. The Easter week begins, during which dreams are emphasized. They are believed to be prophetic.

If a girl dreamed of how she was kissing, this portends an unpleasant event soon. And if a deceased relative dreamed, next year there will be peace and quiet in the family, all relatives will feel good, and no one will die.

If you dream about the celebration of Easter or everything connected with it, these are very good dreams. But a dream in which a person is present at a church service does not promise anything good. This portends sad events.

If you look for Easter eggs in a dream, it portends love. And baking an Easter cake in a dream means a long-awaited forgiveness from a loved one.

How does the church relate to prophetic dreams

Church ministers say that dreams are prophetic not only on Easter week. In church history, there are many examples when the Lord communicates with a person through dreams. Such dreams are very understandable and unambiguous.

Mikhail Lermontov not only wrote poetry, but was also a good mathematician. Once he had a dream in which a stranger suggested a solution to a problem that the poet could not solve in reality. Lermontov remembered this man's face so well. When he woke up, he painted it. Many years later, scientists have established that the figure depicts John Napier - the creator of logarithms who lived and worked in the 17th century.

10 days before his death, President Lincoln dreamed of the White House, in which there was a coffin. The coffin was guarded by a soldier. To Lincoln's question: "Who died?", The soldier replied: "President. He was killed in the theater. " Indeed, one day before Easter, April 14, 1865, Lincoln was shot in the head at Ford's Theater.

Mark Twain saw in a dream his brother lying in a coffin. A few days later, his brother was killed.

But also Christian priests are sure that the "evil one" can easily penetrate into dreams. He is able to turn into a close or dear person, mislead and show the wrong path. Therefore, you should not 100% trust even the brightest and most realistic dreams.

Scientific approach

Scientists claim that prophetic dreams are born in the subconscious of a person. As a result of activity, the brain accumulates and processes the information received, and then converts it into a dream. An example is the famous dream of Mendeleev, in which a brilliant chemist saw the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.

Whether a dream seen on Easter or some other night will turn out to be prophetic, no one can say for sure. Therefore, it is especially pleasant when the good signs, taken away in a dream, come true, and joyful events begin to occur in reality.

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