Why Does The Bird Beat Out The Window

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Why Does The Bird Beat Out The Window
Why Does The Bird Beat Out The Window

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Birds beating through the window of a human dwelling cause negative emotions in many people. And all because for a long time these creatures are associated with various signs, mostly not entirely favorable. Since ancient times, birds have been credited with a connection with parallel worlds: it is believed that a feathered creature beating through a window brings news from the other world. But not everything is as simple as it seems.

A bird beating out the window is not at all bad
A bird beating out the window is not at all bad


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Among the popular beliefs associated with birds, there are both good and bad omens. From time immemorial, among different peoples, these feathered creatures have been associated with mystical rituals, used in all kinds of spells, fortune-telling and other occultism. From an esoteric point of view, a bird is a symbol of the human soul. It is believed that these creatures are directly connected with the subtle worlds of being, therefore they play the role of heavenly messengers. Simply put, a bird that knocks (or even frankly beats) on the window carries news from the other world to living people, i.e. some messages from already deceased relatives.

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The negative color of this sign is betrayed by the fact that the messages with which the birds fly to the windows of living people are predominantly "deadly" in nature: through the bird, already dead relatives allegedly demand that those who are now living with them to be reunited, ie die. This is why some people believe that a bird beating through a window is to a dead person in the house. But there is also a kind shade in this birdlike behavior. People believe that if it is a titmouse that beats through the window, blissful and good prospects are coming. And all because tits have been revered since ancient times and are considered representatives of light forces.

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But no matter how attached to signs people are, it is worth setting aside all superstitions and prejudices and trying to sensibly answer the question of why the birds are beating out the window. In principle, an explanation for this will not be long in coming. It is enough to conduct even the most superficial analysis of bird behavior to understand that it has absolutely nothing to do with beliefs and omens. Birds fight through the windows to people due to numerous external factors: unfavorable weather conditions (for example, severe cold or snowstorm), and predators that constantly terrorize peaceful birds, and lack of food in winter.

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In autumn and winter, birds can knock and beat on people's windows for the following reason: they are attracted by the light in a warm and cozy home, as well as the smell of food. There is no question of any impending disaster: the bird is simply very hungry, it wants to eat! There is another scientific explanation for this bird's behavior: these creatures see the world around them differently than mammals. A bird, noticing its own reflection in the window, thinks that its relative will attack it. So she begins to resist him - to fight with him, flapping her wings and knocking her beak on the glass. Basically, males do this in the spring: they see their competitors for females in the window.

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