How To Choose Incense

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How To Choose Incense
How To Choose Incense
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Modern man is lucky with a huge selection of incense. On the other hand, this diversity often creates a sense of confusion. The market offers a wide range of fragrances, and the incense itself varies in shape and is produced in different countries.

How to choose incense
How to choose incense

Incense appearance

First of all, it is important to decide on the form of the purchased incense. Incense is lit in a special incense burner. It is needed for safety, so that a fire does not break out from the falling ash. The corresponding incense burner is selected for the incense of a certain shape.

The most common forms of incense are sticks and cones. To light the cone, you need a ceramic or stone disc support. Special holders are sold for sticks. But you can do without buying them. Fill a bowl with rice or sand and stick a stick into it or place a cone on top. The incense can now be lit.

Which smell to choose

Once you've figured out the shape of the incense, it's time to decide on the scent. There are incense with a predominant note. Smells like vanilla, jasmine or coconut give a clear indication of the aromatic effect to expect.

If you like mild, soothing, balancing scents, then you can opt for Japanese incense. Their unsaturated and simple aromas are pure and pleasant. They do not suppress other odors in the house. This incense has floral and woody aromas.

If your preferences gravitate towards rich, strong aromas, then the choice is better to stop at Tibetan or Indian incense. The advantage of these fragrances is that they are made using very ancient techniques. Such incense, thanks to thousands of years of medical research, has a therapeutic effect.

Although originally used for spiritual purposes, Tibetan and Indian incense eventually came to be used to purify and scent indoor air.

Indian incense usually has sweet and floral aromas compared to others. Also, their strong, rich aroma interrupts all other smells around. The most popular Indian incense is Nag Champa. Its aroma is bright, unique and pleasant.

The incense was first made in India and Nepal. It was used in monasteries for spiritual purposes and meditation. Since the recipe for creating this incense did not leave the walls of monasteries for a long time, but was distributed only among monks, it was inaccessible to ordinary people until very recently. It is made from flowers, resins, aromatic oils and herbs.

Tibetan incense is as strong as Indian one. But their scent is herbal and woody. It reminds of ancient Buddhist monasteries and temples. The scent of Tibetan incense is beneficial for meditation and has a healing effect. The composition of Tibetan incense is similar to Indian. The difference is that wood aromas and minerals are also added to the latter.

Tibetan and Indian incense is made only from natural materials such as hibiscus, magnolia, sandalwood, jasmine and other flowers mixed with herbs.

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