What Animals Are Considered Totem

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What Animals Are Considered Totem
What Animals Are Considered Totem

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Once upon a time, the ancient tribes of the Slavs, Africans, Indians, Chukchi and other peoples believed in the existence of some animal gods controlling them. It was this belief that drove the ancient people to worship their own totem.

Any totem animal can be worn as a decoration
Any totem animal can be worn as a decoration


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Since ancient times, people have needed some kind of faith, religion and the protection of higher powers. Various tribes tamed and exploited some of their animals, which they subsequently totemized. The totem animal was the object of salvation for them. They believed that it helps them in agriculture, hunting, sends them favorable weather, and provides reliable protection from predators and strangers. The appearance of totem animals was also facilitated by the anomalistic patterns that the ancient belief adhered to.

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Any totemic animal was considered a kind of divine essence intended for a particular person from above. By the totem animal, it was possible to determine the character of a person, his attitude towards others, etc. People who worship a particular beast had no right to change their totem. Currently, there is one single calendar of totems, which allows modern man to correlate himself with one or another animal. These animals should be considered in more detail.

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The Dark Elk is the totem of a lone man suffering from constant misunderstanding. It is curious that the more this person doubts himself, the more benefit he will bring to the whole world. The Stinging Hornet personifies a purposeful and active person. His intuition and leadership qualities will bring him success in life. By the way, the people who worship the Sting Hornet Totem are quite sarcastic and slippery personalities. The Fire Squirrel is the most independent totem animal. People who worship this totem are used to relying only on themselves. They take everything they need from life.

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Lurking Lute is characteristic of those people who can manifest themselves suddenly and in a harsh form. The Pearl Pike is the totem of those people who make excellent gurus or sensei. The fact is that it is this totem that has a close connection with ancestors and the whole family. Pearl Pike worshipers are calm and confident individuals. The Bearded Toad is considered a conservative totem animal. Such people will never strive for anything new, since they are satisfied with the current state of affairs. In addition, it is almost impossible to piss off such a person.

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The White Owl is a mysterious animal. People who worship this totem have certain abilities that are unusual for an ordinary person. Those who worship the Wild Boar are fearless hunters always ready to fight. With such people it is not scary to go on reconnaissance. A philosophical mindset is characteristic of those who worship the Hissing Adder. These people are persistent and can take with their minds almost any intellectual heights. Hissing Already prudent, laconic, and sometimes defenseless.

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The Coiled Hedgehog is a permanent and loyal totem. People who worship him never change their principles and are true couch potatoes. The Crouching Fox Totem is characteristic of resourceful intriguers who will not live monotonously and measuredly. People who worship the Soaring Eagle totem become genius politicians. They do not recognize many laws, but they always act fairly. Fireheart Horse is the totem of true travelers. He will never make them bored.

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A controversial totem animal is the Golden Horns Tour. This totem combines good nature and fury, endurance and stubbornness. Such people will always stand as a wall for their own beliefs. The Screaming Rooster is considered an emotional totem.For these people, the opinion of others is more important than their own. All who worship this totemic animal are constantly chasing glory. The Spinning Tarantula personifies the keepers of traditions. Communication to such people is necessary, like air.

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