What Does A Brownie Look Like

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What Does A Brownie Look Like
What Does A Brownie Look Like

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Sometimes in the houses and apartments of completely different people, inexplicable logically, but similar things happen in many ways: either the objects disappear and then are in the most unexpected places, then the cutlery "by itself" moves from table to table, then at night someone then stomping, making noise, moving dishes. Even people who are far from esoteric and magical practices sometimes attribute these phenomena to the intrigues of the brownie. There is no definite answer to the question of what home looks like.

What does a brownie look like
What does a brownie look like

Who is a brownie?

Magicians and shamans claim that the brownie is an energetic substance that does not have a permanent form. Some believe that these are the souls of distant ancestors or relatives who, after the death of the physical body, remained in the world to protect their family and warn people of danger. According to another version, brownies are subtle entities that live in a parallel world. You can see them only in rare moments of life, when a person is "tuned" to a different wave, is in an altered state of consciousness. Most often this happens in a dream. Scientists do not confirm the presence of brownies, but do not deny either.

The Slavs believed that a brownie lived in almost every hut. He usually hides behind a stove partition. If the keeper of the house began to bother him a lot, wake him up at night, scatter objects, then they appeased him by leaving a saucer of milk and a piece of bread on the floor near the stove. In modern apartments, a brownie can be found anywhere, but he prefers a bathroom. Some people even claim that these entities sleep during the day in washing machines, under the sink or under the bathroom, and wander through the rooms and corridors at night.

In whose guise is the brownie?

There are many opinions about what a brownie looks like.

1. Brownie may look like a gray-haired old man, small (about a meter) in height. He never wears a headdress, but wears a long shirt belted with a rope.

2. Sometimes the brownie appears in the guise of an old man with long nails on his hands. Its entire body is covered with short white fur.

3. The brownie can take on the image of a tall, well-knit man with dark unkempt hair. Such a brownie usually has large hairy hands.

4. Quite often the brownie takes the form of a black or white cat with intelligent shining eyes.

5. In the villages, the brownie often appeared in the form of a black rooster.

6. Sometimes the brownie takes the form of the owner of the house (head of the family).

7. In order not to frighten small children, the brownie appears to them in the form of a plush toy or a kitten.

8. In rare cases, the brownie takes the form of a rat, squirrel, frog and other small animals.

What to do with brownies?

If you think that you see a brownie, take a closer look at his fur. The soft and thick coat promises a prosperous year for the whole family. Lack of fur speaks of an impending disaster. Sometimes, when a person is asleep, he feels that someone is strangling him. Those with whom this happened, said that they woke up from a lack of air and the feeling of someone's hands on their neck. When a person tried to scream, he could not make a sound, his voice disappeared from horror. Witches and sorcerers advise in such cases to whisper the question "For better or for worse?" and listen to the answer. Usually, entities in this way warn a person about drastic changes in life. According to legend, if a brownie lives in an apartment or house, this is a favorable sign. Pissing him off and trying to kick him out is a surefire way to bring trouble to your family. It is best to be friends with the brownie. Leave a couple of sweets for him in a secluded corner, keep the house clean and tidy, avoid quarrels, remove forks and knives from tables to boxes or stands at night.

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