How To Check Who Caused The Damage

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How To Check Who Caused The Damage
How To Check Who Caused The Damage

Corruption or any other kind of magical influence is always unpleasant. There are many ways to get rid of this scourge. But it is very important not only to get rid of damage, but also to find out who exactly imposed it on you, since this person can do it again if you do not protect yourself from it using the methods available to you.

Types of rituals

Many people turn to experienced psychics and magicians for removing damage, who have proven and effective ways to remove such negative effects. However, most esotericists prefer, for various reasons, not to voice the name of the person who imposed the damage. Usually magicians prefer to roughly indicate the degree of familiarity of the victim with this person, but they avoid names.

There are a number of rituals that can help you recognize who has corrupted you. They are all divided into three groups. The first includes rituals that allow you to see the image of your "villain" in a dream. The second group includes rituals that will bring an ill-wisher to you within a couple of days. The third group includes magical actions that allow you to get a cast of the energy of a person who jinxed you or brought damage to you.

Three ways

The easiest way is to dream up the image of your enemy. To do this, you just need to focus on this goal before going to bed and in a free form ask the space to show you the image of your enemy in a dream. If you are afraid of negative influences from him, light a red or black candle at the head of the bed. It is advisable to put a pen and a notebook next to you to write down the dream after waking up, because people quickly forget their dreams.

You can summon your enemy to a graveyard nail or a regular knife. The latter option is not as effective, but it is much more affordable. The nail must be driven into the threshold, the knife must be hammered over the door, saying "Let my enemy come in a day, and not come, he will die so soon", a few days later, your opponent will come to you himself. Usually, a person who is brought to the doorstep by such a ritual looks nervous and tired. Please note that in some cases, people with magical powers can unconsciously impose damage or evil eye, so you should not immediately write such a nervous guest as a villain.

You can try to find out who caused damage to you with wax. In this case, it is necessary to use wax, not paraffin (church candles are suitable for these purposes). Pour water into a large, shallow container, preferably using spring or drinking water without bleach, melt the wax in a water bath and gently pour it into the water, you can say at this moment "I pour the wax and pour out the enemy." After that, you need to wait for the wax to cool down and see what shapes have turned out on the surface. The moon, month or flower always indicate that a woman has brought damage to you. A raven, bear, wolf, rhombus or square indicate that a man did it. Sometimes in the drawings obtained, you can see a specific image of the person who caused the damage.

You can use all three rituals sequentially to get information about who corrupted you.

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