Liquid Plastic - Scope

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Liquid Plastic - Scope
Liquid Plastic - Scope

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Not so long ago, liquid plastic appeared on the building materials market. This polymer material is deservedly gaining rapid popularity, providing us with amazing opportunities. To understand how liquid plastic can be useful, consider the quality and scope of this material.

Liquid plastic - scope
Liquid plastic - scope

Installation and sealing

Liquid plastic comes in the form of an adhesive. Acts on the principle of diffusion welding, when the molecules of the glued objects seem to penetrate each other, as a result, the surfaces become a single whole.

In the case when it is necessary to join materials made of foamed or rigid PVC, such glue is indispensable. It is characterized by excellent weather resistance (temperature drops, humidity, etc.) and resistance to UV radiation, which is very important, for example, when working with plastic glass units. Another unique feature is that the glue does not turn yellow when applied externally. This allows it to be used as an excellent sealant.

Impact-resistant decorative coating

There is also enamel "liquid plastic" or "liquid plastic". It is an extra strong paint with a high gloss. Due to its increased resistance to abrasion, it can be used in places with high traffic and loads. These can be warehouses, shops, garages. You can also treat floors and stairs in residential buildings. Liquid plastic is irreplaceable in the treatment of swimming pools. This coating is resistant to water, oil and petroleum products. High manufacturability - easy to apply and has increased hiding power. The basis for application can be brick, concrete, wood, plaster, surfaces previously painted with alkyd and acrylic paints, steel, galvanized surfaces.

Stop rust

If it is necessary to defeat corrosion, liquid plastic with a rust inhibitor is a very good technological solution. Firstly, the high adhesion of this material to the metal allows you to be sure that the coating will remain unchanged for a long time. The second plus is that you can apply paint directly to rust, without wasting time treating the surface with primer and waiting for it to dry. The dense texture and high content of anti-corrosion additives eliminate the reappearance of rust, and the service life of the coating is 7-10 years. As a rule, "liquid plastic" enamel is used to protect pipelines and other engineering structures made of metal.

With all the uniqueness of this modern building and finishing material, it should be noted that liquid plastic cannot be classified as environmentally friendly products. The material in all its modifications has a pungent odor and requires the use of personal protective equipment - a respirator and gloves. A wide range of applications and a large number of constituent components forces us to more carefully approach the choice of material for the implementation of the conceived idea. It is worth using liquid plastic only for its intended purpose and according to the instructions.

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