How To Find An Address In Irkutsk

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How To Find An Address In Irkutsk
How To Find An Address In Irkutsk

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The development of modern information technologies has greatly simplified the task of finding a particular address in a particular city. Using the services of the Internet, it is quite easy to find one or another institution in Irkutsk. This is also possible if the wanted address belongs to a private person.

How to find an address in Irkutsk
How to find an address in Irkutsk


access to the Internet


Step 1

Enter the name of the organization or company into the search box of your browser, then specify the city - Irkutsk. If this company has its own website on the Internet or is in one of the catalogs of city organizations, you will receive the information you are interested in. This search method can also help if you are looking for the address of a person's residence in Irkutsk. Enter the data that you know about him and click "Search". The more data about a person, the more thoroughly the information provided will be filtered.

Step 2

Contact the passport office of the area of ​​the city of Irkutsk in which the person you are interested in presumably lives in. Make a formal request by email or post. You can use the information of the resources, which contain the addresses of all passport offices in Irkutsk. They also contain directions to these state institutions of the city.

Step 3

Contact the State Archives of Irkutsk with a corresponding request. The site of the archive of the city and its subdivisions is on the Internet. There you can also find the exact address of the institution, phone number and e-mail for communication.

Step 4

Try to search for a person through social networks, such as Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Twitter, My World and others, after registering with them. In the search field, enter the information you know about the person (last name, first name, age) and place of residence - Irkutsk.

Step 5

If none of the above tips did not give the desired result, contact the "Wait for Me" TV program on its official website. By registering there, you can fill out a special form to find a person. Knowing the city of his residence will greatly simplify the task of tracing. At the same time, you can check if someone is looking for you by entering your personal data in the proposed field.

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