What Is The Climate In Kaliningrad

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What Is The Climate In Kaliningrad
What Is The Climate In Kaliningrad

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It is customary to call climate a long-term weather regime, which is characteristic of a particular area and directly depends on its geographic location. In Kaliningrad, it is transitional from temperate maritime to temperate continental, that is, with mild, changeable winters and relatively cool summers.

What is the climate in Kaliningrad
What is the climate in Kaliningrad

general characteristics

The city of Kaliningrad is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The warm current of the Gulf Stream passes here, thanks to which the Kaliningrad winter is warmer than on the mainland.

Summer is relatively cool here. The warmest month of the year is July and the coldest is November.

In general, cloudy and cloudy weather prevails in Kaliningrad. There are only about 34 clear days for the whole year. The rest of the year, the sky is overcast.

Based on long-term observations, the average air temperature for Kaliningrad is +7, 9 ° C, and the average annual precipitation is 818 mm.

Winter in Kaliningrad

Usually climatic winter begins in Kaliningrad around December 12, and in the second half of the month snow cover is established. However, since winters in the area are cloudy and humid, snow can melt and re-set several times. As a rule, winter here is accompanied by thaws.

In general, the nature of winter in Kaliningrad depends on cyclones in the Atlantic and anticyclones in the European region.

Spring in Kaliningrad

The climatic spring usually occurs in this region at the end of February, which is somewhat slower than in more continental regions. This is directly related to the large volume of water bodies that cool significantly during the winter.

In spring, cyclones are the rarest, and therefore the weather is more or less stable and stable in relation to other seasons. During the same period, there is the least amount of rain and more sunny and clear days. However, snowfalls are possible until the end of April. But they are irregular and the April snow melts quickly.

Summer in Kaliningrad

Summer comes to Kaliningrad in June. It is in this month that he finds himself in an area of ​​reduced pressure. Atlantic air begins to flow from the west, which brings with it clouds or cloudy weather. But by the end of June, the weather settles and the air warms up.

In general, summer temperatures in this area are set at + 16-20 ° C. If tropical air masses invade the territory of Kaliningrad from the south, the temperature can rise to + 35 ° C and higher.

Autumn in Kaliningrad

Autumn comes to the Kaliningrad region in the first half of September. But the first frosts do not start until the second half of October. Throughout September, the air remains warm and dry enough. But from the very beginning of October, cyclonic activity intensifies, and cloudy and damp weather begins to prevail. It gets windy and it rains frequently.

However, almost every year in Kaliningrad there is an "Indian summer" - in early October, warmth returns for a short time, and dry weather sets in. The end of the climatic autumn comes around mid-December, when the thermometer first sets the temperature below 0 ° C.

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