Territorial Disputes Of Russia With Other Countries

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Territorial Disputes Of Russia With Other Countries
Territorial Disputes Of Russia With Other Countries

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In modern conditions, territorial disputes between states do not have such a resonance as in the Middle Ages. However, the claims of some countries to others on the issues of territory are at times voiced.

Disputed islands. Kuril Islands
Disputed islands. Kuril Islands

Disputed territories, which may be of military importance, attract the attention of states most of all. Oil shelves and sea areas rich in commercial fish are a tasty morsel. Last but not least are the places where tourism can be successfully developed. Such important from an economic point of view, objects are most often the subject of government disputes. The Russian border is 60,000 kilometers long, and with the United States it is the longest sea border.

Claims against Russia from Asian states

The Kuril Islands today are a stumbling block for the signing of a peace treaty between Russia and Japan. Since the end of the Second World War between these countries, it has not been signed, although Japan finally surrendered on September 6, 1945. Today these two states are in a state of truce, the Japanese demand to give them part of the Kuril ridge.

The border with China is demarcated, but it has claims to Russia. And today, Tarabarov and the Bolshoi Ussuriisky Islands on the Amur River are controversial. Here the borders are not even delimited. But China is taking a different path, it systematically populates the territory of the Russian Federation with its citizens. The water space and shelves of the Caspian Sea are separated by Russian-Iranian agreements. The states that have reappeared on the political map of the world, and these are Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, demand to divide the bottom of the Caspian in a new way. Azerbaijan is not waiting, it is already developing the subsoil.

Claims from Europe

Today, Ukraine has the biggest territorial claim against Russia; it does not want to agree with the loss of Crimea. Earlier there were disputes about the Kerch Strait and the Sea of ​​Azov, which Russia proposed to be considered internal between the two countries, while Ukraine demanded their separation. There are problems, and they are very difficult to solve. Latvia tried to make claims about the Pytalovsky region, but for the sake of the possibility of joining the EU, it refused this.

Despite the fact that rumors about Estonia's claims to the Ivangorod region are being circulated in the media, official Tallinn made no claims. The Kaliningrad region is planned to be annexed by Lithuania, but it is unlikely to want a war with Russia.

Norway is not satisfied with the Russian border between the islands of the Arctic Ocean. Norway demands to establish a border exactly in the middle between the islands belonging to the two countries; it wants to revise the boundaries of the Russian polar possessions. In 1926, the All-Russian Central Executive Committee established the border of the polar possessions of the USSR, including in the state all the islands in the north of the Eastern Hemisphere, including the North Pole. Today, many countries consider this document illegal.

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