What Is The Most Beautiful City In The USA

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What Is The Most Beautiful City In The USA
What Is The Most Beautiful City In The USA

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One of the American sites conducted a survey on the topic: "Which of the cities in the United States is the most beautiful." So, the most attractive residents of the states recognized the most inclement and at the same time the most wonderful of the cities of the state of California - attractive San Francisco.

What is the most beautiful city in the USA
What is the most beautiful city in the USA

Geography of the city

San Francisco is a city with a population of just over 800 thousand, located on the western coast of the United States in the state of California, covering 121 square kilometers. territory. In terms of population density, the city ranks 2nd in the country.

San Francisco is the financial, cultural and transportation hub of the San Francisco Bay Area, which has a population of 7.4 million.

Founding of San Francisco

San Francisco was founded in 1776, when the Spaniards landed on the coast. They founded a mission in honor of Catholic St. Francis and built a fort near the settlement of Yerba Buena. In 1846, this place was taken over by the Americans, who renamed it San Francisco - in honor of Francis of Assisi.

San Francisco landmarks

Almost every person on Earth dreams of visiting sunny San Francisco, and those lucky ones who have already visited it dream of returning there again, and there are many reasons for this.

Firstly, San Francisco is very different from other American cities in its distinctive architecture: buildings built in the Art Nouveau style, many narrow streets. Apparently, the city owes this to the fact that from the moment of its foundation, the population was mainly Europeans.

San Francisco has its own inimitable character, which is why it so attracts people who are creative, unique, with quirks. Musicians, artists, directors. The eclecticism of San Francisco's neighborhoods, where touching small historic districts are combined with the pomp of Downtown, makes it completely uncommon.

Due to the fact that the city is located on a promontory, and the ocean waters are located around, it is easy and free to breathe in it. The historical component of the city is also important. Sightseeing is literally at every turn: here you can walk along the most winding street in the world - Lombard, get creative ideas at Golden Gate, and at Pier 39 it is impossible to take your eyes off the fur seals. But the most mesmerizing view of San Francisco can be enjoyed behind the Golden Gate Bridge, when fog descends on the city, literally enveloping everything around. No wonder the fog is called the spirit of San Francisco.

Also, you should not miss the opportunity to ride the Cable tram, which was left in the city especially for tourists. Alcatraz prison, which is located in the middle of the bay, is considered the most insidious prison on Earth, because from there you can see the lights of San Francisco and beckoning prisoners, but there is no way to escape because of the waters of the bay. It was here that the famous gangster Al Capone served his time.

Despite the fog and coolness, San Francisco is often changeable in weather, so you can enjoy the sun as often as walking in the drizzling rain on the pavements.

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