How Not To Get Hit By Lightning

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How Not To Get Hit By Lightning
How Not To Get Hit By Lightning

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Lightning is a serious threat to humans. 90% of thunderstorm accidents happen to those in open spaces. Taking refuge indoors or in the forest under trees, subject to certain rules, you can protect yourself from getting hit by this giant electric discharge.

How not to get hit by lightning
How not to get hit by lightning


Step 1

Do not use a mobile phone during a thunderstorm: the operating device emits an electric charge that attracts lightning. A person holding a metal object or a working electrical appliance in his hand loses his chance to survive, since a lightning strike that penetrates inside literally burns up internal organs.

Step 2

Stay away from antennas, metal structures, electrical wires, and damp walls if a thunderstorm hits you outside. Do not hide under awnings and tall, lonely trees, especially under an oak tree, whose roots go deep into the ground. Avoid high elevations and open spaces. It is best to wait out a thunderstorm by squatting under low stands, hiding in the forest, in small depressions or at the foot of high slopes.

Step 3

If a thunderstorm overtakes you in the field, squat down and assume the fetal position, bending your head to your knees and hugging them with your arms. Wait 30 minutes after the last lightning strike before starting to move. Get out of the water and move as far away from the body of water as possible if a thunderstorm catches you while swimming.

Step 4

Do not stand on the ground that has characteristic fractures. Such "lightning nests" are the most conductive areas of the soil. Stay as far away from other people as possible so that lightning striking one does not strike several.

Step 5

Pull to the side of the road and ride out the thunderstorm in a vehicle that is reasonably good at protecting the occupants. Do not forget to just close the windows and lower the antenna. Do not touch door handles and other metal parts of the passenger compartment.

Step 6

Unplug household appliances if you are indoors during a thunderstorm. Do not touch water taps, stay away from door and window openings. Do not heat fireplaces and stoves: smoke, like water, is a good conductor of electricity. Do not wash dishes or shower in a thunderstorm.

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