How To Decorate A Spruce

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How To Decorate A Spruce
How To Decorate A Spruce

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The long-awaited New Year's holiday is coming, a large furry spruce is brought into the house. It must be installed in a stand, make sure that the spruce stands as long as possible, does not dry out or crumble, and also decorate. But what is the New Year without a Christmas tree with decorations? A variety of balls, toys, tinsel and garlands - all this Christmas tree is worn before the holiday.

How to decorate a spruce
How to decorate a spruce


  • - electric garlands;
  • - Christmas balls and toys;
  • - tinsel;
  • - "rain".


Step 1

Do not rush to immediately decorate the spruce as soon as it is brought into a warm house or apartment. Let the tree sit warm for a few hours, spread the branches and get comfortable. Then start decorating.

Step 2

Spruce is decorated in accordance with a certain order. To make everything look the best, all the balls, rain, tinsel and garlands are not hung up randomly, but in a strict sequence.

Step 3

Use electric lights first. Before that, it's a good idea to unravel everything and plug the garland into an outlet. It happens that one light bulb burns out, and a garland with a series connection of elements stops working. If so, then it is better to detect this before the garland is already hanging on the tree, so that you do not have to remove it.

Step 4

After the garlands, toys are hung up. You need to start with the largest ones, hanging them evenly throughout the tree. Make sure that the balls are not on the edges of the branches, otherwise they may slip off.

Step 5

Now is the time to decorate the top of the tree. Whether you are using a star that plugs into an outlet and glows, or a simple curly attachment, make sure that it fits snugly and does not fall off the very top.

Step 6

After all the balls and garlands are hung, the tree is decorated with tinsel. Try to use it to hide wires from garlands and strings from toys as much as possible. But don't wrap the tinsel around the wires, just stack it so that the wires are behind it.

Step 7

The final touch is hanging rain. You need to throw it evenly on the tree so that it does not turn out that there is too much glitter in one place, and in the other there are only bare green branches.

Step 8

If you have children or friends with guests are coming soon, do not forget about sweet decorations. A certain amount of candy in the form of toys will make the tree much more interesting to them.

Step 9

Those who are too lazy to decorate the Christmas tree, or simply do not have enough time for it, can invite a special New Year's stylist. He will take care of the green beauty. But nevertheless, it is probably more pleasant for everyone to decorate homemade spruce on their own, imbued with the spirit of the holiday.

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