Why Is Money Dreaming

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Why Is Money Dreaming
Why Is Money Dreaming

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People say that money dreams of tears. Coins - gold or silver promise a person big trouble. A trifle is a dream of minor troubles. How true is this statement?


First of all, it is worth remembering that not all dreams are prophetic. However, you can get rid of the negative effects of sleep. Waking up, you need to go to the window, looking at the sky, spit three times over your left shoulder and say: where the night is, there is sleep.

The negative meaning of sleep

If a person loses money in a dream, it means that in real life he will face losses. It is possible that they will be associated with the collapse of the business. When you dream that money is taken by means of deception, precautions should be taken. There is a secret enemy surrounded by a person who has planned something unkind.

Why dream of money accidentally found? This is a sign of big expenses to come. Having seen such a dream, a person should think about frugality, try to be more economical in their spending. To pick up the money found - to tears.

Dream Interpretations confidently interpret what money is dreaming of if they are asked for a loan. Most likely, in reality someone owes a large sum to the sleeping person. It is unlikely that the debtor will soon be able to return the money.

If you see brand new shiny coins in a dream, you should expect obstacles in business. A large number of old and dirty coins predict chagrin. Counting coins is a sign of stinginess. This quality can be bad for relationships with close friends and family.

Spending other people's money in a dream - be ready to betray loved ones. By the way, copper coins foreshadow minor troubles, silver money dreams of vain chagrin, and gold coins - to worries. Paper bills dream of news. Whether the news is good or bad depends on the condition of the bills.

Sleep is positive

If a person spares money in a dream, in real life he will never have to count a penny. Handing out money while sleeping is an indicator of an early benefit. It is likely that some idea will be crowned with success.

When a person asks for money in a dream, it means very soon he will receive a rather large amount. Find old coins - to random enrichment. To give coins to the poor means to find loyal friends. Find a large bag filled with coins for inheritance or the birth of an heir.

Have you lowered your salary in a dream? Not a cause for grief. The dream predicts that ill-wishers will expect a salary cut in the near future. A profitable deal is almost guaranteed if a sleeping person hears coins clinking in a dream.

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