What Is The Fifth Dimension

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What Is The Fifth Dimension
What Is The Fifth Dimension

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Metaphysics and esoterics operate with such a concept as "dimension", assuming that there are five of them. Surprisingly, physics is also familiar with the concept of the "fifth dimension", and it is, of course, quite scientific in nature.

What is the fifth dimension
What is the fifth dimension

According to the general opinion, the fifth dimension is a high space in which man, as it were, merges with the divine nature. It does not imply the presence of matter and the usual physical body, and everything that exists there exudes light.

Both quantum physics and gravity adhere to the theory of the existence of the fifth dimension, although, of course, nothing divine is in question.

Hierarchy of metaspaces

It is believed that the first dimension is the place of concentration of the human soul, it can be felt, the second dimension allows you to see the physical body. And when body and soul unite, a person comes to the third dimension of time and space. Unity is the third, visible dimension.

The fourth dimension includes an attachment to higher forces, it appears only when a person is ready for clairvoyance, when he is ready to achieve the opening of consciousness, to hear the voice of God and understand it. You can reach the fourth level only by developing your intuition and connection with higher unity. The fourth dimension is the connection of the invisible force with the visible, physical one. A person is able to get to the fourth dimension on his own.

The last dimension in the hierarchy is the very fifth dimension, this is truth, a sense of integrity with God, unity with the universe, dissolution in it, the disappearance of bodily bonds and physical essence. According to the beliefs of knowledgeable people, the prevailing feeling in the fifth dimension can be characterized as a whole as serenity. Spiritual power reigns here, thought, creativity and a great sense of unity with a higher power develop.

Spiritual work as a path to the fifth dimension

It is possible to penetrate into the fifth dimension, but this requires tremendous spiritual work on oneself and the release of the soul from all fetters. The fifth dimension gives freedom, spiritual wealth and all-consuming love. Work on your spiritual state, and you will find the key to understanding this global connection of dimensions in the universe - say those who are fond of spiritual practices.

In the area of ​​the third dimension, you unconsciously adhere to specific actions aimed at physical impact. However, in the world of the fifth dimension, the human soul again finds itself in its primary state. Therefore, only the primary state of mind can become the key to any dimensions. And then inspiration helps you to penetrate into the unconscious, and other efforts will no longer be so necessary.

For a person who is not familiar with the mental state and non-physical images, in the fifth dimension, they are primary. The spiritual state in the fifth dimension completely replaces the physical entity.

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