How To Steam In A Russian Bath

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How To Steam In A Russian Bath
How To Steam In A Russian Bath

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In the Russian bath, the choice of a broom and aromatic oils, temperature and humidity of the air is of great importance. With the proper approach, going to the bathhouse will help to seriously improve health and cleanse the body of toxins.

russkaja parnaja
russkaja parnaja


  • - Broom;
  • - Clean sheet;
  • - Slippers;
  • - Towel;
  • - Change of linen;
  • - A small hat;
  • - Soap;
  • - Washcloth;
  • - Shampoo;
  • - Berry fruit drinks.


Step 1

To make the Russian bath really useful, visit it regularly, at least 1-2 times a week. Hassle-free trips to the steam room will not bring harm, but neither will special health benefits. But, you can significantly damage your body by staying in the steam room for a long time. Don't risk your health, stick to the right schedule.

Step 2

Do not drink alcohol before visiting the bathhouse. In addition, try not to eat anything 1, 5 hours before bathing procedures. Take with you specially brewed cool herbal teas or berry fruit drinks, which will help quench your thirst after a steam room.

Step 3

Steam a dry broom before going to the steam room. Dip it in a bowl of cold water for 15 minutes and then in a bowl of hot water for 3 minutes. A fresh broom can be omitted from this procedure. By the way, cold water, in which the broom has soaked, can be poured onto hot stones to fill the steam room with a pleasant aroma.

Step 4

Do not wait for the broom to steam; take a warm shower during this time. However, you should not wash your hair, as you need to bathe properly in a hat to avoid heatstroke. During the first entry into the steam room, sit on the lower shelf for no more than 5 minutes for the body to adapt. The optimum temperature during the first run is 60 degrees. It is best to lie down to ease the work of the heart muscle. After leaving the steam room, relax and sip some herbal tea or fruit drink.

Step 5

The second entry into the steam room involves the use of a broom for the intended purpose and an increase in temperature. Pour water on the stones in small portions, achieving a dry aromatic heat. The art of going to the bathhouse also includes the ability to steam properly with a broom. The initial blows should be light, like a light pat. Increase the blows gradually, and at the end of the procedure, rub the body with a broom.

Step 6

The duration of a visit to the steam room depends on individual feelings. If you feel tired, then it's time to take a break. The usual bath time for the second session is 10 minutes. After leaving the steam room, walk leisurely, taking deep breaths, take a shower and lie back relaxed. Increase your rest time after each visit to the steam room.

Step 7

You can go to the steam room several times. On your third visit, massage yourself with a stiff glove. On the penultimate visit, cleanse your skin with a scrub. When you last visit the steam room, wait for a profuse sweating. As a rule, a person who skillfully uses the sauna enters the steam room 5-7 times. You can finish the procedure by jumping into a pool of ice water or an ice hole only if you are confident in the strength of your heart.

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