What Flowers Can Be Placed On The Grave

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What Flowers Can Be Placed On The Grave
What Flowers Can Be Placed On The Grave

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It is very sad to lose people, traditionally the farewell ceremony takes place in cemeteries or crematoria. Laying flowers at the grave of a deceased person is considered an obligatory tradition. This is done in order to express condolences to loved ones and to honor the memory of the deceased.

Traditional flower for laying at the tomb of the unknown soldier
Traditional flower for laying at the tomb of the unknown soldier

Flowers intended for laying on graves or commemorative steles are divided into artificial and live ones. Artificial flowers include composite wreaths decorated with buds and ribbons, imitation of Christmas tree branches, baskets with plastic or paper flowers, bouquets of various colors. Artificial flowers are durable and can stand outdoors for a long time.

Flowers and wreaths

You should not buy wreaths or bouquets of bright artificial flowers, it is better to choose more restrained colors, for example, burgundy or purple colors.

Bouquets of dark red roses are laid on the graves of untimely departed people, this is a symbol of living blood and sorrow.

Of the fresh flowers, the following are traditionally considered mourning:

- white lilies, - chrysanthemums, - red carnations, - dark red roses.

White lilies characterize purity and integrity, they express a sincere and kind attitude towards the deceased person. They are usually laid on the graves of girls and young women.

With the help of red carnations, you express your respect and reverence for a person, it is not for nothing that these flowers are popular when laid on various monuments, it is with this flower that gratitude is also denoted.

Bouquets of white chrysanthemums laid on the grave will symbolize sincerity, friendly feelings and openness. These flowers are brought to deceased friends.


It is not customary to bring wreaths to the grave on the anniversary of death or on the birthday of the deceased; you can buy flower arrangements made of natural or artificial flowers. It is worth remembering that there must be an even number of flowers in the composition. You need to put flowers on the grave with a bud towards the head of the deceased person.

Cut flowers will symbolize inanimate beauty, farewell.

Many people opt for artificial wreaths, as they will not deteriorate as quickly as natural flowers. However, if the grave or memorial is being cared for, then fresh flowers will be appropriate, because the dried ones will be quickly removed.

When buying flowers, still rely on your feelings, emotions that you want to express in relation to the departed person. If you cannot attend the funeral ceremony, then a basket of flowers at home, again restrained cold shades expressing sorrow, will be appropriate. Without unnecessary details in the form of decorative ornaments, laconicism is just the right thing to design just such a bouquet, which is intended to support the relatives of the deceased.

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