How To Lead During A Storm

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How To Lead During A Storm
How To Lead During A Storm

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In order to avoid injuries and other troubles during a storm, it is imperative to observe safety precautions. Action should be taken as soon as a storm warning is received from radio and television. Listen to all the recommendations that will certainly be passed on. It may happen that a storm or hurricane catches you unexpectedly, then the following tips will come in handy.

How to lead during a storm
How to lead during a storm


Step 1

Close all doors and windows tightly and try to reinforce them. Seal the glass on the windows crosswise with tape - this must be done so that the fragments do not fly apart. Prepare in advance supplies of food and water, various necessary medicines (home first aid kit), candles and matches, a receiver, a flashlight and batteries. All money and documents must be with you.

Step 2

Turn off gas, lights and all electrical appliances. Remove from the balcony or yard all objects that the wind might carry away. If possible, hide in the strongest and strongest building or a special civil defense shelter. Choose the largest room and go there. If there is a basement, take cover there.

Step 3

Move as far away from windows as possible to avoid injury from flying debris. Stand close to the wall, but the safest and most successful way to protect yourself from glass is to hide behind a door or furniture.

Step 4

If you find yourself outdoors during a storm, move as far away from trees, poles, electrical wires, billboards, and dilapidated buildings as possible. Do not go to places where poisonous and flammable substances are stored.

Step 5

Don't cross the bridge, you'd better hide under it. Find some kind of shelter: cellar or basement, reinforced concrete canopy. You can hide in any depression (pit, ravine). Do not climb into the attic and the roof - it is most dangerous there.

Step 6

If a storm catches you in your car, stop and do not get out of the car. Close all windows and doors as tightly as possible. In winter, close the radiator side of the engine. Try to get out of the car from time to time and clear the snow, otherwise the car will skid and you will not be able to get out.

Step 7

In the event that you are on public transport, get out of it and find a sturdy building. Move carefully on open and elevated terrain, preferably by crawling, try to find cover. Watch out for falling trees and branches. Do not leave the shelter after the wind has weakened, after a few minutes it may intensify again.

Step 8

Before going outside, inspect the area for broken wires, unstable and overhanging structures. Make sure there is no smell of gas and no leakage. Do not enter heavily destroyed buildings. Chances are high that they will collapse.

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