Origin Of The Expression "Last Chinese Warning"

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Origin Of The Expression "Last Chinese Warning"
Origin Of The Expression "Last Chinese Warning"

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"The last Chinese warning" is an ironic expression that became a household word in the second half of the 20th century. As you know, the "latest Chinese warnings" can range from several hundred to several thousand, while it is obviously clear that, apart from warnings "in words", the sanctions indicated in them will not follow.

Origin of expression
Origin of expression

After the discovery of China by the Europeans, it became a "tasty morsel" for many European powers, which they began to share with almost impunity. All European countries that began to colonize China considered it a "second-rate power". Therefore, without a twinge of conscience, they unleashed wars, ruthlessly destroyed the indigenous population, poisoned them with opium and seized territories, which led to the actual transformation of China into a semi-colony of several European powers. After the Xinhai Revolution of 1911 and the civil war that followed it, China completely fell apart, losing its centralized state power by several dozen.

This continued until the moment when Great Mao came to power in China, whose iron will made it possible to revive and create at least something similar to a state in his long-suffering country. But at the initial stage of the formation of an independent Chinese state, China could not yet give a serious rebuff to its opponents. From that moment on, the official Chinese authorities, trying to preserve their state authority and prestige, began to send diplomatic notes to their enemies with the latest warnings, fully aware of their hopelessness.

Taiwan conflict

It is believed that the largest number of "last Chinese warnings" came during the 1954-1958 Taiwan conflict. The conflict between China on the one hand and Taiwan and the United States on the other arose over the disputed islands. The United States, not recognizing the Chinese communist government, actively helped and defended Taiwan, which was building communism of its own type. During the conflict, China's airspace was constantly violated by American reconnaissance drones.

The Chinese authorities, outraged by such shamelessness, sent endless diplomatic warnings to the Americans through the UN, which, according to some sources, had accumulated about 9000. The United States did not react to all the warnings from the Chinese to "take action" and continued to send its drones. The Chinese shot down some of the reconnaissance planes, but did not dare to take more serious steps. During that period, the world media wrote a lot about "the latest Chinese warnings", which made this expression a household name and widely known.

Conflict near Damansky Island

In 1969, another conflict broke out, this time between China and the USSR near Damansky Island, which also triggered a stream of "last Chinese warnings" that the Chinese government bombarded the USSR Foreign Ministry with. This time, there were much fewer warnings, only 328, as they always did not have any serious consequences for the USSR. After this conflict, politically literate citizens of the Soviet Union began to use the phrase "The 328th Last Chinese Warning" in their everyday speech.

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