How To Quickly Freshen Your Breath Before Kissing

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How To Quickly Freshen Your Breath Before Kissing
How To Quickly Freshen Your Breath Before Kissing

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A kiss is an intimate act between two people that should not overshadow anything. Including bad breath. A toothbrush is not always close at hand, so when heading out on a date, try to freshen your breath with the available remedies.

How to quickly freshen your breath before kissing
How to quickly freshen your breath before kissing

Candy and gum

The modern industry has a lot to offer to people suffering from bad breath. Chewing gum and special breath freshening candies are sold in almost every store. A couple of minutes and your breath becomes pleasant. Stores offer a wide variety of flavors, but mint is the best way to deal with the problem. When choosing a product, do not forget about a partner. An excess of menthol may be pleasant to you, but unpleasant for the person you plan to kiss.


An apple is not only a tasty and healthy fruit that saturates the body with vitamins and eliminates the feeling of hunger. It also works great at removing plaque and freshens the mouth. When approaching the meeting place, nibble on the apple you have stored in advance and you do not have to worry when you move on to intimate communication.


Chocolate perfectly eliminates bad breath. A bitter treat works best with this. Eat a slice of the tile and you will only have a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth that your partner is likely to enjoy.

Herbal teas

If time permits, have a mug of green tea before the meeting. Even rinsing your mouth with a drink will help get rid of the unpleasant odor. Also, if you wish, you can prepare a special herbal tea that will give your breath freshness. Thorns, barberry, loosestrife, burdock fight the smell perfectly. The selected herb should be poured with boiling water, let it brew and cool. Before your date, take a few seconds to rinse your mouth out. After this procedure, you can be confident in yourself.


Nutmeg is another useful remedy that can help you quickly cope with bad breath. In order to solve the problem, chew a gram and a half of nutmeg and hold it in your mouth for a short time. Not only can you be confident in your breathing after that, you will also be doing the liver, heart and stomach a favor.


Parsley is also able to eliminate the unpleasant taste in the mouth and the characteristic odor in a matter of moments. Eat a couple of branches of the plant - it will take just a couple of minutes, after which you can safely start kissing.


You can buy mouth spray from your local grocery store or pharmacy. Such a remedy will not only freshen your breath, but also take care of your teeth - it will strengthen the enamel and protect them from caries.

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