How To Make A Pocket Laser

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How To Make A Pocket Laser
How To Make A Pocket Laser

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An ordinary lighter can be used to make a small pocket laser. With its help, you can not only highlight the target, but also set fire to something, for example, a cigarette or a firecracker. When using this device, be very careful not to shine on people or animals.

How to make a pocket laser
How to make a pocket laser


  • - Gas lighter;
  • - old, but working DWD-RW drive;
  • - two batteries for 1.5 V;
  • - 4-4, 3 Ohm resistor;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - wire;
  • - drill;
  • - scissors;
  • - pliers.


Step 1

Take a regular black or dark colored BIC gas lighter, dense and opaque, disassemble it. Remove the flint wheel, taking care not to disturb the position of the staples. Use a needle to pierce the valve through which the lighter is refueled and release the gas.

Step 2

Disassemble all parts of the upper part of the lighter without damaging them: remove the staples, the power button and other parts.

Step 3

Clean out the entire interior by drilling holes and sanding the surface with grinders. Use scissors or pliers to remove any plastic. As a result, you should have an empty and clean bottle in your hands. If possible, leave a small plug to close the case after all work is completed.

Step 4

Secure the lighter in a vise. There are two holes in the upper part of the lighter: for the gas outlet and for the button. Drill them out with a drill using a small diameter drill bit.

Step 5

Start assembling the laser circuit. Take the laser diode from an old but working DWD-RW drive. Disassembling it, you will find two laser heads: infrared and conventional. Determining which one is needed for a pocket laser will have to be a trial and error method.

Step 6

Take out the laser diodes and determine which one shines better. To do this, connect them to a power source. Be very careful! By shining this diode in your eyes, you can very easily lose your sight!

Step 7

Connect the diode to two 1.5V coin-cell batteries - higher power supply may cause burnout. Solder two contacts from the diode together, it will be "+", the third contact is "-". Gently solder to them the wires that you can take from the twisted pair.

Step 8

Use the lens removed from the head to focus the beam. Attach it as close to the diode as possible and center it.

Step 9

After making sure everything works, place the structure inside the lighter. In this case, the diode will be located where the flame used to be, and the switch will be installed in the place of the button. The button will have to be cut in half to fit everything. The result is a homemade pocket laser that can be turned on at the push of a button.

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