What Is Carpetlock

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What Is Carpetlock
What Is Carpetlock
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The coverlock is an advanced sewing machine that performs the functions of an overlock and cover stitch machine. The presence of a carpetlock in the house is not a cheap pleasure, but the capabilities of the machine are impressive.

What is carpetlock
What is carpetlock

Its purpose

The coverlock was developed specifically for sewing knitwear. And accordingly, if he easily performs all sorts of manipulations with such a "capricious" material as knitwear, then he can also easily process any other fabric.

In addition to the overcast and cover stitch, the carpetlock can be used as a conventional sewing machine. It is safe to say that the rug is an ingenious design invention, since it freely replaces three types of sewing machines.

Often, the rug is equipped with an additional extension table, a knife for cutting the edge of the fabric, an automatic thread trimmer, a bin for collecting waste and many other modern devices. In addition, an additional needle can be removed or installed on the carpetlock.

The main part of the carpetlock

All sewing machines have one part that unites them - the looper. The carpetlock has three of them. Two - function as an overlock and one - for a flat seam. The coverlock does not include a bobbin, so the lower thread is fed to the needle through the looper, directly from the bobbin itself.

It is through the looper that the famous chain stitch is made, and already on its basis, the rug can sew up to 25 types of various knitted stitches. Many seams of branded products are made with chain stitch, the seamy side of which looks like a pigtail. The chain stitch is highly elongated. This is its main advantage over the usual shuttle stitch. However, if you install a cover on one of the loopers, the carpetlock can also perform a two-thread shuttle stitch.

A significant drawback of a chain stitch is uneconomical thread consumption. For the formation of any line based on a chain stitch, the amount of thread is consumed several times more than for a shuttle stitch. Therefore, it will be economical for a rug to use sewing threads on large tapered bobbins.

Additional features

Nowadays sewing technique consists of many additional functions. For a carpetlock, such a "trick" is an automatic threading. The threading machine for the carpetlock can be either mechanical or pneumatic. Since threading is a fairly frequent action in relation to sewing machines, the simpler and more convenient the threading machine is, the easier the work of the seamstress, and, accordingly, the higher the cost of this carpetlocking model.

Additional functions of the carpetlock affect its cost. The most expensive carpet locks are with a touch screen. Electronically controlled carpetlocks are quite easy to use and include many features, but their price is much higher than the cost of a multifunctional, but mechanical model of a carpetlock.

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