How To Answer A Question In An Original Way

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How To Answer A Question In An Original Way
How To Answer A Question In An Original Way

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Questions are very different: duty and tricky, absurd and sore, childish and humorous, rhetorical and topical, direct and philosophical. But none of them will be difficult for you if you know how to answer in an original way.

How to answer a question in an original way
How to answer a question in an original way


Step 1

Baffle with an overly detailed answer. If you are annoyed by the routine questions that the interlocutor asks "for show", and not at all out of interest in your life, then discourage him with a detailed story about your health over the last week or about all the things you have done during the day. Emotionally go into the smallest detail. A smart person will surely take the hint. The main thing is not to overdo it with exaggeration.

Step 2

Awkward situations can always be brightened up with humor. For example, you need to come up with a solution that will not please your opponent at all. First, tell a joke or funny story that echoes the topic of the question, and only then smoothly lead to your answer. But do not forget about the status of the interlocutors. Jokes that are good for a group of friends may not be appropriate in a business meeting.

Step 3

A play on words is an excellent, and most importantly, a beneficial technique if you want to answer a question in an original way. Come up with a kind pun phrase, pick up a funny rhyme or unusual association, etc. It's good if you manage not just to rhyme the end of the question, but also to answer the topic. Don't be rude or rude. For example, in response to the question "How are you?" the interlocutor is unlikely to be pleased with the vulgar "Not yet given birth." Of course, we are not talking about a possible situation with a really pregnant woman.

Step 4

Surprise with unexpected solutions. If you have an important interview coming up and you can anticipate typical questions that will be asked, try to come up with original and perhaps even funny answers in advance. But be sure to consider the severity of the event. For example, if you decide to get a job in a reputable company, then you should not be interviewed in response to the question "Why do you want to become an employee of our company?" joke that in fact you sent your resume to a dozen organizations and agree to work wherever they take.

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