How To Write To The Pension Fund

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How To Write To The Pension Fund
How To Write To The Pension Fund

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In order to write a letter to the Pension Fund of Russia, you can resort to the traditional method of sending messages by mail or contact the online reception of the organization with your question.

How to write to the pension fund
How to write to the pension fund


Step 1

Write an appeal on paper, purchase an envelope and stamps at the post office, sufficient to send the letter. If it is important for you to receive information about the delivery of the letter to the addressee, fill out the shipment with a notification. Indicate on the envelope the address: 119991, Moscow, st. Shabolovka, d. 4. Do not forget to leave your address in the letter so that you will receive an answer.

Step 2

Find the contact information for the FIU office in your region. To do this, visit the official website of the organization. In the menu on the left, select the section "About the Pension Fund", in the submenu that appears, the item "PFR branches". Click on the federal district you need, select a branch for a specific region, province or district. In the page that opens, pay attention to the orange menu on the left side, in it in the section "About the department" you will see the item "Contacts and work schedule of the department". Follow the link, select the area you need, click on it. The address for sending requests will be indicated there. Write a letter, indicate your contact information in it, send it by mail.

Step 3

Send a letter to the Russian Pension Fund online. To do this, on the main page of the official website of the organization in the vertical green menu (located on the left under the orange menu), find the last inscription "Send an appeal to the FIU", follow the link. Depending on where you live (on the territory of the Russian Federation or abroad), click on the appropriate form. Select the federal district and branch in the special tabs. Please include your first and last name, postal address including zip code, email address. Next, formulate the subject of your letter and enter the text in the special field. To send a message, enter the numeric security code shown in the figure, click the "Ask" button. You will receive the answer by e-mail.

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