What Is Cubic Zirconia

What Is Cubic Zirconia
What Is Cubic Zirconia

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After the appearance of synthetic transparent sparkling stones, it became possible to sell beautiful jewelry at democratic prices. Cubic zirconia is now the leader in jewelry applications.

What is cubic zirconia
What is cubic zirconia

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic stone. It is made under the influence of very high temperatures (about 3000 degrees C). The crystals themselves are born in a refrigerated container. By adding different elements, the stones take on colors.

This is how cerium makes the mineral yellow, orange or red, depending on the proportion. Chromium adds various green hues. An admixture of neodymium makes cubic zirconia purple, erbium pink, and titanium golden or brown.

The production of cubic zirconia is a laborious process, but the development of deposits of natural stones is much more expensive. The best examples of synthetic stone are strikingly similar to diamonds. This is constantly used by swindlers, so you need to buy jewelry only in stores.

Cubic zirconia for its composition (cubic zirconium dioxide) is also called a cubic zirconium. On the Mohs scale, this stone has a density of 7, 5-8, 0 and a density of 6-10 g / cm3. Despite the fact that cubic zirconia is not a natural stone, astrologers consider it a good talisman for scientists. This is a very beautiful mineral, it is artificially grown, so there are no inclusions in it that spoil the play of light.

The appearance of cubic zirconia can be similar to other precious stones, not only to diamonds; only specialists can distinguish them. In jewelry, zirconium cubes are presented in two forms. The first - the jewelry contains only cubic zirconia, the second - several cubes of zirconium emphasize the beauty of the main precious mineral.

Perhaps the main advantage of cubic zirconia is its low cost, so jewelry with this stone can be afforded by almost all jewelry lovers. But in order for the stone to retain its beauty, it needs to be looked after - from time to time it should be wiped with a napkin and washed with soap and water.

Before applying any cosmetics to hands, the product is removed. This is a fairly hard stone, so it is advisable to keep it away from other jewelry so as not to scratch it.

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