How To Quickly Fold A T-shirt

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How To Quickly Fold A T-shirt
How To Quickly Fold A T-shirt

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Parsing things after washing often becomes more dreary than the washing itself. However, you can speed it up at times. It is enough to memorize the algorithm and work it out, bringing it almost to automatism. This method works well for folding T-shirts, blouses, shirts, and even short sleeved dresses.

How to quickly fold a t-shirt
How to quickly fold a t-shirt


Step 1

Spread the shirt out on a flat surface - a table, sofa or even a floor will do. It is advisable that there is no fabric or film (tablecloth, bedspreads) on the surface, otherwise you will accidentally grab it along with the T-shirt.

Step 2

Lay the garment sideways so that the right sleeve is at the bottom, the left sleeve is at the top, and the neckline is on your left.

Step 3

From the neckline along the left shoulder seam, step back about 5 cm. With the edge of your palm, draw a line from this point to the right - to the edge of the T-shirt. The line should be parallel to the sides of the shirt.

Step 4

From the point of contact of the left sleeve with the side seam, measure to the right along the seam about 10 cm. Draw a line from this point downwards, parallel to the bottom edge of the T-shirt. This line must intersect with the first. At the intersection, grab the fabric with your left hand.

Step 5

With your right hand, grab the T-shirt at the point on the shoulder seam from which you drew the line. Without letting go of the shirt, slide your right hand to the right, towards the end of the line at the bottom edge of the shirt. That is, you throw your right hand over the motionless left, the left is under the fabric. Hold the shoulder area with your right thumb and forefinger, and with your middle finger, grab the bottom of the shirt at the level of the drawn line.

Step 6

Holding the T-shirt, raise both hands up, with your left hand, without letting go of the fabric, slide to the left - pull out from under the thrown-over top half of the T-shirt. Shake the cloth. The shirt will fold in half, with the lower half in front, closer to you, and the upper half behind it.

Step 7

With a movement away from you, lower the T-shirt onto the table so that the unfilled sleeve is in front of you, put the entire T-shirt on top of it. When doing this, try to keep the hem of the sleeve up to the side edge of the folded T-shirt.

Step 8

The dimensions of the shoulder and side seam indents can be changed. The width and length of the folded item will depend on these parameters. The division of these seams in half can be called universal. Increasing the shoulder padding will increase the width of the folded shirt. With an increase in the indent from the sleeve - the length.

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