How To Emigrate To Cuba

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How To Emigrate To Cuba
How To Emigrate To Cuba

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When thinking about emigrating to Cuba, the first thing to consider is how much time a year you are going to spend there, whether you are in the mood for buying local real estate, or maybe even focused on finding a job. Cuba is a rather unconventional choice for immigration.

How to emigrate to Cuba
How to emigrate to Cuba


Step 1

Cuba is the last socialist state in the Western Hemisphere, and its economy was severely damaged by the hurricane of 2011 after the 2010 reform, which changed its course to tourism. Thus, the country not only lacks jobs for the Cubans themselves, but there is practically no way for immigrants to earn money. Unless you are going to work in Cuba in a branch of a large European or American company. Then you can count on a sufficient income with a minimum knowledge of the Spanish language.

Get a visa to enter the country. If you are a citizen of Russia and stay in Cuba for less than 3 months, then this formality can be omitted. For those who plan to stay there for a long time, you should take care of obtaining a residence permit. A foreigner can obtain Cuban citizenship on condition that his parents were Cubans, or as a result of outstanding service to the country. Meanwhile, a residence permit gives almost equal rights with Cuban citizenship.

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To legally obtain a residence permit, tie your destiny (at least officially) with a Cuban citizen. At the same time, your newly-made relatives must sign a commitment to provide you with housing before your arrival. You can own a car in Cuba, but not real estate.

Step 3

The second way to obtain a residence permit is to go to Cuba as an employee of a foreign company with a representative office in the country. You can also take on a temporary research and development project for the Cuban government (which is very unlikely).

So, if you decide to take such a crucial step and emigrate to Cuba, read their constitution first, perhaps you will not like living in a socialist, but totalitarian state.

Step 4

Remember that prices for food and consumer goods (sometimes not of the best quality) in the state are quite high. Perhaps that is why it is a fairly common tendency to live in Cuba for several months a year on the accumulated money, or permanent residence with regular cash receipts from relatives outside the country. Residents report disruptions in the supply of electricity and water, lack of medicines and public health care.

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