How To Lure A Hazel Grouse

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How To Lure A Hazel Grouse
How To Lure A Hazel Grouse

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Hunting remains a favorite pastime for many men. Going into the forest, every hunter wants to return home with good prey. But in order not to come empty-handed, you need to try hard. To shoot a hazel grouse, you first need to lure him towards you. To learn how to lure hazel grouse correctly, you need to purchase a special decoy and practice well.

How to lure a hazel grouse
How to lure a hazel grouse


Step 1

Track down where the birds live, and if possible, find out the number and sex of individuals in the area. Please note that it is forbidden to shoot females in spring and early summer, since during this period they are completely occupied with incubating and raising offspring. Shooting a small part of males does not affect the population at all.

Step 2

Find the most suitable hiding place. You should not be visible from the side, but you should have a good view of the panorama in front of you so as not to miss the bird that has appeared.

Step 3

Stand in a shelter, freeze without moving and take a special decoy for hazel grouses in your mouth. Hang once with the voice of a male, and wait for the owner of the territory to respond to you. If this does not happen, wait a while and repeat the whistle. As soon as the male answers you, start a roll call with him. Male whistle is a special trill consisting of two long and three shortened whistles.

Step 4

Cast your voice again once, but in no case interrupt the hazel grouse. Give him time to fly closer. After a while, the bird whistles again, finding out where the uninvited rival is. Respond to him in response, and the male will begin to fly up to the whistle even closer.

Step 5

Lure the bird until it comes close to you. All the while you whistle, you need to stand, without moving, so as not to inadvertently scare the bird.

Step 6

Do not whistle right away if the bird suddenly stops responding to you. Wait about ten minutes and only then be the first to vote. If the bird noticed you for any reason, go to hunt in another place, or return to the same territory in an hour and again give the voice of the male hazel grouse.

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