How To Choose A Carbine

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How To Choose A Carbine
How To Choose A Carbine

Video: How To Choose A Carbine

Video: How To Choose A Carbine
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Those hunters who prefer to hunt down an animal with a rifled weapon often face the problem of choosing a carbine. The hunting weapon market is characterized by a richness and variety of models, differing from each other in appearance and performance. It is on the last qualities of the carbine that you should pay special attention.

How to choose a carbine
How to choose a carbine


Step 1

Decide what types of hunting you need a carbine for. If you do not have clear preferences in fishing technique, opt for the classic weapon model, which does not imply the possibility of detailed disassembly, that is, it does not include modules. With this weapon it is quite possible to catch your luck on the hunt from a tower, from a storage shed or from the ground.

Step 2

For approach hunting, choose a rifle with a standard barrel length not exceeding 650 mm. In the conditions of this type of fishery, semi-automatic models behave worst of all. It should be remembered that an overly heavy barrel narrows the scope of the weapon. It will be preferable to hunt from such a carbine from a tower when you have to execute several shots in a row. The heavy barrel absorbs heat better.

Step 3

Pay attention to the manufacturer of the carabiner. All manufacturers adhere to their own quality standards, which are usually indicated in the documentation attached to the weapon. It is important to consider what standard of accuracy is used by the firm you like. Differences between manufacturers also exist in the working life of the carbine, which is determined by the maximum permissible number of shots.

Step 4

Evaluate the quality of the steel from which the rifle barrel is made. The properties of the barrel must be documented. The best weapons are made of stainless steel. In this case, the greatest success in the use of materials for the barrel was achieved by Austrian and Scandinavian arms firms. But the American "stainless steel" is inferior in its working qualities to European steels. This is due to the fact that US manufacturers often use additives in the form of sulfur and phosphorus, which adversely affects the characteristics of the barrel.

Step 5

Try on the carbine you like. The weapon must meet ergonomic requirements, that is, it must be convenient to use for its intended purpose. A good carbine will be "good", as hunters say. It has a comfortable stock and stock. Dropping your weapon for quick fire should also be easy. To assess the ergonomics of the rifle, it is advisable to pick up two or three different models, trying to aim.

Step 6

Examine the magazine of the carbine and make sure that it easily attaches to and detaches from the weapon. Some manufacturers tend to experiment with this element, but the results of such design searches are often dire. The cartridges in the magazine must be securely fixed, but it is important to make sure that the design of this unit will prevent the ammunition from jamming when it is fed into the barrel.

Step 7

Finally, once again scrutinize the weapon model you like. Do you like the look of the carbine? For many hunters, not only the technical characteristics of the rifle are important, but also its design, which often indicates a certain "elite" weapon. The main thing is that the attractive appearance is combined with the high working qualities of the weapon. Whimsical and sophisticated decoration elements can "show off", but the results of the hunt, alas, practically do not depend on them.

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