Air Rifle: Sighting When Buying

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Air Rifle: Sighting When Buying
Air Rifle: Sighting When Buying

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An air rifle is one of the most affordable and high-precision weapons, although it is used mainly for shooting at targets at distances of no more than 50 meters.

Pneumatic rifle
Pneumatic rifle

A good spring-air rifle today can be purchased at any specialty store, the price of the issue is about 200-300 US dollars. The first thing to do after making a purchase is to properly shoot the brand new "pneumatic".

Actions before zeroing

Most arms factories supply their products to dealerships mothballed. This applies not only to pneumatics, but also to other, more serious types of weapons - smooth-bore hunting rifles and rifled carbines.

In the process of de-preservation, it is necessary to disassemble the rifle and, using a cloth soaked in gasoline, thoroughly wipe off all factory grease of the internal mechanism and barrel without residue. After removing the grease, all parts of the rifle should be wiped dry with a rag.

It may sound strange, but after removing the factory lubricant, you must go back to lubrication! This time, you should treat all the rubbing parts of the mechanism with a special oil spray, which in the future will help to reduce the wear of the parts.

In addition, gun oil spray is an excellent means for tightly blocking possible microcracks on the barrel and other rifle parts. By the way, microcracks can significantly reduce the compression of the rifle, thereby adversely affecting the sharpness and accuracy of the battle.

Do not be afraid of too loud first shots fired from the new rifle. Until all the parts of the spring-piston mechanism are properly rubbed in, the rifle will shoot just like that - loudly and with a lot of burning from the barrel.

Zeroing air rifle

Before you start zeroing in pneumatic weapons, you should make sure that the sights are in good condition. So, the location of the front sight should be even, moreover, it should "sit" on the barrel firmly and without any signs of backlash. The same applies to the sighting device screw.

Manufacturers of airguns recommend starting the zeroing of rifles at a distance of 25 meters from the target, while the shooter should be in the prone position. In no case should you clamp the rifle in a vice or use any other clamping device when zeroing in.

When shooting a weapon, it is necessary to "work" both in the center of the target and along its lower edge. You need to shoot in series - three or four shots, gradually adjusting and adjusting all the sights for yourself.

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