Is It Possible To Get A Tattoo On Tanned Skin

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Is It Possible To Get A Tattoo On Tanned Skin
Is It Possible To Get A Tattoo On Tanned Skin

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A tattoo is a specific pattern that a master applies to the skin using special indelible paints and a tattoo machine. The quality of a tattoo depends on the qualifications of the master, preparation for the procedure, the quality of consumables and equipment, as well as the color of the skin. At the same time, some people are interested in whether it is possible to get a tattoo on tanned skin?

Is it possible to get a tattoo on tanned skin
Is it possible to get a tattoo on tanned skin


Before the procedure, the client selects a drawing from which the master makes a sketch and places it on the client's skin using an ordinary helium pen and special copy paper. If the skin at the site of the tattoo is covered with hair, it must be removed. After placing a preliminary drawing, the master disinfects the skin with an antiseptic and, if necessary, applies an anesthetic gel or spray to the treated area, which will reduce the discomfort from the process.

If the client cannot decide on a tattoo, he can create it from scratch together with a master, since all tattoo artists are excellent artists.

The tattoo artists must use disposable caps for paint and needles for the machine, and must also wear sterile medical gloves. After transferring the drawing to the skin, the master begins to work with an electric machine, the needle of which pierces the skin with very fast pinpoint injections and leaves a small amount of paint under the skin. The procedure is moderately painful, it all depends on the place where it is done. The most painful thing is to tattoo on bones: spine, elbows, knees, sacrum.

Tattoo and tanned skin

Masters do not recommend getting a tattoo on very tanned skin for a completely banal reason - a drawing on a dark skin tone can simply be poorly visible. If the client still insists on a tattoo, it is advisable to choose bright colors and good quality mascara for it, since low-quality paint quickly fades and the tattoo will become almost invisible, like a dirty spot on the surface of the skin. It is also better for tanned people to give preference to traditional and ornamental tattoos with clear contours.

Dark-skinned clients who dream of a tattoo are strongly discouraged from getting tattoos in the "realism" style.

If you have tanned or very dark skin, you should get tattoos with the most contrasting shades that will be noticeable on tanned people. However, in most cases, tattoo artists are still advised to abandon the drawing so as not to spoil their reputation and the client's skin. After applying the tattoo, you need to hide it from direct sunlight so that the black paint does not heat up and spoil the quality of the drawing. The best time to get a tattoo is from mid-autumn to early spring.

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