How To Align The Bar

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How To Align The Bar
How To Align The Bar
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There are many ways to align the bar. It all depends on the amount of bend and the thickness of the lining. If the deflection is small, less than 2 mm, and the thickness of the overlay is sufficient, you can simply stitch the overlay. If the pad is thin and the deflection is more than 2 mm, this method is not possible.

How to align the bar
How to align the bar


Step 1

First, determine the amount of deflection with a ruler. Pull all frets out of the escutcheon. The frets can be simply hammered in, or they can be glued in. If the frets are glued in to avoid crushing the fretboard, slightly dampen the glue. Smoothing with a hot iron helps a lot. Remove the frets carefully. Be careful not to damage the pad and frets. Unless, of course, you plan to replace them with new ones. Remember the location of each fret, do not confuse them when assembling.

Step 2

When all frets are removed, measure the neck deflection again. If you only shoot one side of the tree, you can loosen the bar. Therefore, remove the wood from the overlay on both sides of the deflection. Remember to check the accuracy of your work. Planing should be done from the middle to the ends of the neck. Set the working plane to remove the smallest chip thickness. Before starting work, sharpen the blade of a planer with a fine touchdown on a donkey. Use the fret aligner to finish. Never remove excess wood. If you have worked well on the neck, the ruler will fit snugly with no gaps along its entire length.

Step 3

After you've finished the fretboard, you need to clean the frets. And those of them that turned out to be too small after the procedure, cut deeper with a fine-toothed file. If the file is larger than the slot, the fret will not hold well. If the frets fit too loosely into the slots, place them on the glue. The previously pressed frets are also best placed on glue. Do not use a hammer. Otherwise, the fret will bend, dents will appear on it and it will sit unevenly. It is better to put a small block of hard wood along the fret and hit it with a hammer, thereby upsetting the fret in place. Do not hold the guitar while hammering the frets. Place felt or folded fabric between the support and the bar.

Step 4

Install a pad from the sides, saw off the frets so that they do not scratch your fingers when playing. Check the frets after completing the job. Grind them if necessary. Glue the nut in place. put the strings on.

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