Refrigerator "Oka". History Of Creation, Characteristics

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Refrigerator "Oka". History Of Creation, Characteristics
Refrigerator "Oka". History Of Creation, Characteristics
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Refrigerators "Oka" are products of the Murom machine-building plant, currently renamed into "Oka-Kholod". The first models of this device were released back in the 50s of the last century, but some of them still work.

Refrigerator "Oka". History of creation, characteristics
Refrigerator "Oka". History of creation, characteristics

For several decades, the machine-building plant in Murom has been producing Oka refrigerators based on models developed by ZIL. But during the perestroika period, when the financial crisis had a negative impact on production, the management decided to work together with the Turkish company Veko. The refrigerators have been modernized and improved, and their market position and customer demand have been almost fully maintained.

Refrigerator "Oka" - history of creation

The history of the Murommash plant dates back to the end of the 19th century. The main production line of the enterprise during the Soviet years was the manufacture of components for military equipment. But in the early 50s of the last century, the USSR government decided to launch the production of household appliances on the basis of Murommash. The first line in this direction was producing refrigerators.

For the basis in production, the developments of the large at that time ZIL plant were used. But the quality of Oka refrigerators was radically different, and not for the better, since the management of the Murom machine-building plant decided to use the so-called residual principle. The funds that remained from the purchase of materials for the main production were used for the production of refrigerators.

Since the quality of refrigerators and their appearance did not always meet the demands of even Soviet buyers, these products of the Murom plant could be found on free sale during the period of total shortage and they were purchased by families with low incomes and demands. But this factor to some extent served as an incentive for the widespread and popularization of this brand.

The main characteristics of the refrigerator "Oka"

The first refrigerators of this brand were two-compartment and, unlike most modern models, the freezer was located in their upper part and looked like a shelf with a door, and its capacity was small.

The Oka refrigerator was of a standard size and could be used even in a family of 4-5 people. The style of design was strict, without unnecessary design solutions - a case with sharp corners, no more than 150 cm in height, with standard handles.

Removable shelves were installed in the refrigerating chamber, which could be installed at different heights. The containers for vegetables and fruits made of white plastic could be removed and bulky foods could be put in their place. The total volume of the refrigerator was, as a rule, no more than 300 liters, and the energy consumption was about 50 kW / h per month.

Defrosting the refrigerator took place in the so-called manual way, that is, the device had to be turned off and wait for the ice to melt naturally. The refrigerator made quite a loud noise during operation

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