How To Organize A Team

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How To Organize A Team
How To Organize A Team

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Sooner or later, many managers face the question of how to make the work of the team more effective. One of the ways to solve it is to create a cohesive team.

How to organize a team
How to organize a team


Step 1

Assess the state of the team at the moment. Identify the reasons why it does not work the way you would like. At the same time, analyze not only the professional skills of employees, but also the peculiarities of their relationships with each other. Often it is this aspect that prevents the creation of a mechanism that would work without failures. Evaluate whether it makes sense to continue working with these people or whether it will be more rational to find new employees.

Step 2

Distribute roles in the team. How it will function in the future depends on this. Particular attention should be paid here to the personal qualities of each person; temperament, sociability, communication skills should be taken into account. Each team member should be in his place and feel comfortable.

Step 3

Identify a leader. He should be the driving force behind the whole team. This person should enjoy authority among other employees, communicate with everyone without difficulty and resolve conflict situations if they arise. Be sure to consider the fact that there should be only one leader in the team. Otherwise, you cannot avoid a power struggle.

Step 4

The team must have a person who plays a creative role. It is he who must submit ideas and open up new directions for further development. As a rule, such people do not know how to bring things to the end, so they must exclusively inspire the rest of the team. Like a leader, there must be one creative person, otherwise building a cohesive team becomes impossible.

Step 5

Highlight a few performers who, by their example, will stimulate the rest of the staff to complete the assigned tasks. In addition, it is worth thinking about team members who are called upon to harmonize relations in the team.

Step 6

Conduct regular team building trainings aimed at team building. Teambuildings will allow team members to feel like a single and whole mechanism and achieve their goals.

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