What Varnish To Cover A Wild Stone

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What Varnish To Cover A Wild Stone
What Varnish To Cover A Wild Stone

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Wild stone can be protected with acrylic based varnishes. Some of them are capable of providing a "wet stone" effect. In addition to varnishes, there are tools that create a durable high-quality coating of the finishing material.

Wild stone can be coated with semi-matt acrylic varnish
Wild stone can be coated with semi-matt acrylic varnish

Wild stone is a practical finishing material. It is inexpensive, has a presentable appearance, and its surface is easy to clean. With the help of wild stone, you can decorate both internal and external walls of the house. If this material is varnished, it will look more impressive: its edges will become much clearer, and the color will be brighter.

How to make a "wet stone" effect

The plinth and facade finish will be more attractive and interesting if the wild stone is coated with a product that provides the effect of a "wet" surface. This property is possessed by the "Olympus" varnish. It is made on an acrylic base and gives a transparent semi-matt shine. The varnish can be used for interior and exterior decoration: it increases the frost resistance and moisture resistance of the finishing stone, fills the smallest pores of its structure, thereby preventing the accumulation of dirt in them. "Olympus" is non-toxic, has antibacterial properties (prevents the development of mold and mildew), does not have a pungent odor.

Before applying the covering composition, you need to prepare the surface of the finishing material. If there are inclusions of lime, cement, plaster on the wild stone, it is recommended to use a remover from the same manufacturer: OLIMP to remove them. The product is called "Waste of efflorescence". After cleaning the surface, you can start applying the varnish. You can work at a temperature not lower than + 10 ° C. Drying time of the coating - no more than 1 hour. Stone processing can be done with a brush or roller.

What varnishes to cover the wild stone

For interior decoration, you can use matt acrylic lacquer "Tikurilla". To get different shades, you can add color to it. It is necessary to cover the finishing material until the varnish ceases to be absorbed. It is best to spray it with an airbrush: the coating will be uniform, the smallest pores will be filled. After 24 hours, the varnish will dry, but if color has been added to it, the applied layer can be scratched quite easily.

To get a durable coating that cannot be damaged by sharp objects, you can use colorless quick-drying car enamel. It comes in the form of a spray, which is very convenient for stone processing. This option for processing wild stone is suitable for outdoor work. The enamel is water-repellent, durable and strong.

Instead of paints and varnishes, you can use the impregnation "Lithurin 2C". This product penetrates deep into the stone and polymerizes in its pores, which provides high-quality protection against moisture and abrasion. The surface covered with "Lithurin 2C" does not darken, does not peel off. In addition to the wild stone, the impregnation protects and strengthens the seams well.

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