Why Are Monuments To Animals Erected?

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Why Are Monuments To Animals Erected?
Why Are Monuments To Animals Erected?

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Usually monuments are erected to political leaders, famous poets and musicians. However, there are also monuments to animals. They can be dedicated to heroic animals who performed a feat, or they can become an ironic symbol of an event or work.


Monument to Balto - the hero dog

The memory of Balto is associated with sad pages in the history of Alaska. An epidemic of diphtheria began in the state, medicine was sorely lacking, and communication with the mainland was possible only by air. However, an Arctic storm broke out over Alaska, the planes simply could not take off. Then it was decided to use the old way of transportation - dog sledding. The Siberian husky Balto was also among the leader dogs. Delivering the precious serum, the dog developed incredible speed. The team moved along the most difficult path, amid a snowstorm. Even people lost their bearings here, but Balto managed to choose the right road and brought the medicine to the city intact. The brave dog was unanimously recognized as a hero, and a monument was erected to him in New York.

After his death, a stuffed animal was made from Balto's skin, which is located in Cleveland, in the Museum of Natural History.

Monument to the Duck and Ducklings

This unusual monument, located near the Novodevichy Convent, attracts the attention of both children and tourists. This sculpture depicts the main characters in the children's book Give Way to Ducklings, written by American storyteller Robert McCloskey. However, these funny figures are not only fun for children, but also a symbol of friendship between the USA and the USSR. The exact same monument is located in Boston. In 1991, Barbara Bush, the wife of the President of the United States, visited Moscow. She met Raisa Gorbacheva and gave her a copy of the American sculpture as a sign of friendship.

The book "Give Way to Ducklings" was never translated into Russian.

Monument to a laboratory mouse - a memory of such important animals

Without laboratory mice, scientific progress would hardly have been possible. Thousands of these animals participate in the experiments and experiments of scientists, sometimes very cruel. In 2013, a monument to a laboratory mouse was erected in the Novosibirsk Academgorodok, depicting a stylized rodent with glasses, concentrating on tying a DNA molecule on the needles. This is how gratitude is expressed to the millions of mice, thanks to which the most important discoveries in the field of genetics, biology, medicine and other sciences were made.

Monument to the Horse in a Coat

Anecdotal saying: “Who is who? A horse in a coat! " - embodied in an unusual monument located in Sochi. A dapper, slightly impudent horse sprawled on a wrought-iron chair, crossing his legs. He has a pipe in his teeth, and in one of his limbs he holds a glass of wine. The image is complemented by the notorious coat, sunglasses and a hat. And this masterpiece was made in just a couple of days, the material was the surrounding scrap metal. The sculpture turned out to be somewhat rough, but original.

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