Why St. Petersburg Is Called The Venice Of The North

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Why St. Petersburg Is Called The Venice Of The North
Why St. Petersburg Is Called The Venice Of The North

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Comparing St. Petersburg to Venice is nothing new. Such a parallel has a right to exist, since many points of contact can be found. The presence in St. Petersburg, along with streets, rivers and canals is the very first thing that allows us to call St. Petersburg the Venice of the North.

The highlight of St. Petersburg - drawbridges
The highlight of St. Petersburg - drawbridges

A few words about St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a beautiful Russian city famous for architecture, museums and parks. It was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great. Nine years later, Petersburg became the Russian capital.

The city was built quickly according to the plan drawn up by Emperor Peter I. The conditions for construction were not the best - there were swamps all around. But for the water canals were dug, which over time "dressed in granite", like the main river of the city of Neva and its tributaries.

The main avenue of St. Petersburg - Nevsky - goes like a straight arrow overland, then along bridges over canals and rivers, goes to the Admiralty, which stands on the banks of the majestic Neva.

The city has a lot of various bridges and bridges. Each has its own name. Many bridges are decorated with sculptures. This gives the city a special flavor. The fact that many streets in St. Petersburg are embankments makes it possible to compare the city with Venice.

The founder of St. Petersburg, Peter the First, was going to visit Venice. But I could not do this, since I had to interrupt my trip to Europe due to the archery revolt that arose in Russia.

A little about Venice

Venice was founded in 421. At that time, many swampy islands lay off the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Gradually the islands settled down. To drain the land, canals were broken, bridges were erected over them. This is how the city was born, which is still considered one of the most attractive cities in the world.

Over time, the city has grown greatly. Today Venice is not only its historical part, but also the coastal regions. However, for tourists, of course, it is the old Venice that is interesting, with its palaces, temples, crooked streets turning into canals.

Many cities and even villages are compared with Venice. Of course, the views of streets and squares, interspersed with picturesque water bodies, are mesmerizing. People are proud of their city when they compare it to Venice.

What are the similarities between St. Petersburg and Venice

St. Petersburg has much more reason to be called the Venice of the North than just a statement of the fact that the city also has many canals and bridges.

Both cities, St. Petersburg and Venice, were born in the spring. St. Petersburg was founded on May 27, 1703. The founding date of Venice is March 25, 421.

And St. Petersburg is north of central Russia, and Venice is in the north of Italy. Of course, Venice is geographically located significantly south of St. Petersburg, so the name "Venice of the North" is quite legitimate in relation to St. Petersburg.

Both cities have been the capitals of states for certain years. Both the one and the other city are built on a wetland. Both are famous for their architecture; they can be considered museum cities. They are the cultural pearls of their countries.

St. Petersburg, like Venice, today can be called a tourist city. A multilingual dialect is also heard on the streets, boats with guests of the city scurry along the rivers and canals.

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