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Steel Guests
Steel Guests

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GOSTs of steels are the main category of state standards used since the times of the USSR. They are adopted by the Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification. Today GOSTs are normative non-legal acts.

Steel guests
Steel guests

History of GOSTs

State standards adopted up to 1996 were considered normative legal acts, in connection with which manufacturers were obliged to apply them in the areas defined by the preamble of a certain standard. However, after 1996, for documents adopted at that time, normativity ceased to be mandatory.

Currently, any document acquires the status of a regulatory legal act only after it is registered with the Ministry of Justice.

The most popular classifier of state standards to this day is the so-called "Classifier of state standards of the USSR". It is strictly hierarchical, and its alphanumeric code system consists of three to four levels. The first section represents 19 letters of the Russian alphabet, while the second level (class) and the third level (group) are digital levels. A fourth level or subgroup can be added after the dot.

Application of GOSTs to steels

Steel products are represented by the following GOSTs: GOST 2590-88 (hot-rolled round steel), GOST 5781-82 (hot-rolled steel for reinforcing reinforced concrete structures), GOST 10884-94 (thermomechanically hardened reinforcing steel for reinforced concrete structures), GOST 2591-88 (steel hot-rolled square), GOST 8559-75 (calibrated square), GOST 103-76 (hot-rolled steel strip), GOST 82-70 (hot-rolled steel universal broadband).

Forged steel (square and round), as well as alloys and high-alloy steels, go under GOST 1133-71 and GOST 5632-72, respectively.

Sheet and coil steel is represented by the following GOSTs: GOST 19903-74 (hot-rolled steel), GOST 19904-90 (cold-rolled steel), GOST 8568-77 (steel sheets with lenticular and rhombic corrugation), GOST 6009-74 (hot-rolled steel strip), GOST 16523-97 (rolled sheet made of carbon steel for general purposes), GOST 14918-80 (galvanized sheet), GOST 24045-94 (profiled steel sheet), GOST 19281 (hot-rolled low-alloy sheet).

Wire rod and wire are represented by GOSTs: GOST 30136-94 (ordinary quality carbon steel wire rod), GOST 2246-70 (steel welding wire), GOST 3282-74 (low-carbon steel wire), GOST 6727-80 (cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire for reinforced concrete structures), GOST 7348-81 (wire for prestressed reinforced concrete structures), GOST 7372 (steel rope wire), GOST 9389 (carbon steel spring wire).

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