What Is "consumation"

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What Is "consumation"
What Is "consumation"

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When visiting restaurants, clubs, elite bars, men often face consumption - stimulating consumption and unreasonable spending. However, really professional and high-quality consumation is invisible!

What is "consumation"
What is "consumation"

Under the mysterious word consumation, formed from the English "consume", which literally translates as "to consume", there is a completely modern and in demand in bars, restaurants and nightclubs service associated with unobtrusive stimulation of the client to commit certain, not even planned by him initially shopping. It is believed that such a service comes from eastern countries, which have long practiced such a use of female charms.

A bit of geisha

In the 90s, prostitution was skillfully disguised under this word, and today young girls skillfully “bred” beauty-hungry visitors to buy expensive cocktails and dishes, playing the role of attentive and understanding listeners, great interlocutors and just a gorgeous escort who always flatters the pride of any men.

Modern consumés can so unobtrusively and imperceptibly empty the wallet of any man who wants to cry into his waistcoat that the “lucky man” does not even notice how he enriches his drinking lady with earnings, which directly depends on the invoice issued to the client. Professional servants of the "cult of consumption", empathizing with the client and giving him several hours of their warmth and attention, while having strict rules related to matters of intimate relations. The person pays only for the conversation and good mood, while the bartender, warned in advance, does not abuse the proportion of alcohol in the cocktails brought to the girl, so as not to spoil the evening with the intoxication of the escort.

Consumator's commandments

The consumator, no matter where he works, whether it be a chic restaurant or an ordinary nightclub, should not distance himself from the conversation, actively participating in the client's problems, even if for several hours in a row he mournfully complains about the wall of misunderstanding that meets his wife at home.

Sometimes the consumator's job is to travel with a client to a store, a restaurant and even an excursion as an accompanying person, while the place and time of the provided service is agreed in advance. It sounds funny, but a consumer is a very interesting and useful job, grateful clients often give girls valuable gifts, take them to great restaurants. This kind of work presupposes the emergence of a huge number of useful and interesting acquaintances. It is believed that the best consumers are Russian girls who are distinguished by their ability to listen and empathize.

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