How To Send A Letter To Belarus

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How To Send A Letter To Belarus
How To Send A Letter To Belarus

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If you have friends in Belarus, it may occur to you to write them a letter. You may have many reasons to use this method to transfer text information. There are no difficulties in sending, the main thing is to correctly arrange the envelope.

How to send a letter to Belarus
How to send a letter to Belarus


Step 1

If the letter is already ready, select the envelope for sending it. They are of two types: ordinary and intended for sending by air mail. Fill in the fields with information about the sender and recipient: name, address, postal code. If you do not know the exact index, use the power of the Internet and search engines.

Step 2

When you submit documents, use the submission as a "Valuable Letter". To do this, in the post office you will be given a special envelope and a form describing the contents of the message.

Step 3

The next question is the price of stamps. It all depends on the weight of the letter. If a letter weighs up to twenty grams - that's about thirteen rubles, more weight means more value for the stamp. More accurate information will be indicated to you at the post office where you want to send. If the weight exceeds a certain limit, the shipment product can be regarded as a parcel post or a parcel.

Step 4

The postal method is suitable for sending original documents. If it is possible to send a copy, use the Internet resources: e-mail, social networks, Skype. Scan the desired document, save it to a file. Get an email address on Yandex, Google or Mail. If you know your friend's mail number, type it into the appropriate field on the site, attach a file, type the desired text, click send. In a similar way, you can exchange information on social networks, such as VKontakte or Facebook. Register on the site, fill out the contents of your account, find a friend by last name and first name through the "Search" menu. Send a friend request. Write a letter and attach the required file, if necessary. Skype allows you to make video calls, ordinary audio calls, and send messages. To do this, you need to install the program, create an account, find your friend and call him.

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