Healers Of Ukraine

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Healers Of Ukraine
Healers Of Ukraine

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Ukraine has long been famous for folk healers who receive their knowledge from generation to generation. Ukrainian physicians help people to heal not only the body, but also the soul, as well as get rid of bad habits and improve their lives.

Healers of Ukraine
Healers of Ukraine

Three leaders

One of the most popular Ukrainian healers is Viktor Gromov, who is able to see and feel human energy. It works both with internal / external organs, and with the most complex system of energy sheaths, problems with which lead to the development of various diseases. Every day, Gromov receives from 90 to 110 patients who come to him from all over Ukraine, Russia and Belarus - his treatment sessions are rather short, but the healer is able to help improve a person's condition even for a short time.

Such famous people as Andrei Malakhov, Tina Kandelaki and Philip Kirkorov turned to Viktor Gromov for help.

Another recognized folk healer of Ukraine is Yuriy Zaretskiy, who had bone marrow cancer. The healer was able to cope with the fatal illness thanks to traditional Ukrainian and folk medicine, as well as his own method, according to which Zaretsky today treats his patients. Zaretsky's healing helps with multiple sclerosis, diabetes, oncology, bronchitis, tuberculosis, as well as skin and cardiovascular diseases.

Anatoly Shevchenko is also known throughout the country - the first Ukrainian healer who officially received a license from the Ministry of Health in 1991 and the title of an expert of the Association of Traditional Medicine of Ukraine. He is an outstanding scientist, bio-therapy and biolocation specialist - while Shevchenko conducts healing activities in conjunction with a professional doctor.

How not to be mistaken when choosing a healer

A huge number of various healers, among whom most are charlatans, offer their services today. In order not to get caught in the network of such a charlatan, you need to know that a real healer: does not criticize other healers and official medicine, does not use any titles, does not take money in advance for treatment.

First of all, when meeting a healer, you need to listen to your intuition - if a person is uncomfortable with him, you need to look for another healer.

Also, a real healer does not guarantee a complete cure for serious illnesses, does not live in a luxurious house, does not pour scientific terms and does not give the impression of a mentally ill person. Money is always paid upon completion of the session - usually a good healer does not prescribe a fixed amount, people give as much as they see fit. However, unfortunately, today it is very rare.

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