Where To Complain About The Online Store

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Where To Complain About The Online Store
Where To Complain About The Online Store
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Online stores are gaining more and more popularity every year. This is due to the convenience of online shopping, a large assortment of goods offered and, as a rule, their lower cost. However, customers of online stores are also often faced with unfair service or poor quality of goods. And if the store management refuses to solve the problem, you can write a complaint to the appropriate authority.

Where to complain about the online store
Where to complain about the online store


Step 1

Before you complain about an online store, make sure that the trade organization has violated the law. According to current legislation, you can return / replace a defective or unsuitable product within a week from the date of receipt. At the same time, he should keep his original appearance, and you should have documents on his payment in your hands: an invoice, a waybill, or at least a screenshot of the page with information about payment. And the money for the returned item must be deposited into your account within 10 business days.

Step 2

In addition, the online store must initially provide a potential buyer with reliable information about the product being sold: its photo, name, detailed description, warranty period. And also provide all the necessary information about yourself: store name, location, payment and delivery methods. If the specified information does not correspond to reality, you also have the right to complain about this trade organization.

Step 3

To do this, draw up a complaint in duplicate on an A4 sheet, in which clearly, clearly and without emotions and obscene expressions describe your claims in relation to a particular organization. In the complaint, be sure to indicate your full name and coordinates, the name of the store and attach proof of the illegal actions of the online store to it. At the bottom of the document, put the number, your signature and its decryption.

Step 4

Take this complaint to the reception or clerical department of the Rospotrebnadzor department of your region - it is this body that considers cases of illegal actions of any Russian stores in relation to the consumer. Wait for the registration number and number to be put on your appeal, and then take one copy for yourself. According to the law, you are required to answer within 30 days from the date of contact. If Rospotrebnadzor did not help you, make a similar complaint to the prosecutor's office.

Step 5

You can also send a complaint about the hosting that hosts the online store. In the appeal, be sure to indicate that this trade organization is committing illegal actions. This is especially true for foreign online stores, which are not covered by Russian legislation.

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