How Does A Person Use Water

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How Does A Person Use Water
How Does A Person Use Water

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The human body is 50-70 percent water. More accurate indicators depend on the weight and age of the person. If the human body loses up to 10 percent of the fluid, a lethal outcome is possible. Therefore, a person first of all needs water for his normal physical condition, to maintain the level of fluid in his body. There are other areas in which a person cannot do without water.

How does a person use water
How does a person use water


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First of all, a person uses water for food: it quenches his thirst, prepares dishes on it. Scientists have found that for the normal physical condition of all human organs, it is necessary to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day, not counting juices and other liquids drunk during the day.

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Personal hygiene cannot be done without water. Washing requires up to 10 liters of water per person, when using a toilet in a house with a forced sewage system - up to 45 liters daily, bathing takes an average of 190 liters.

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With the help of water, the owners cope with the cleaning of the premises. It is estimated that on average, washing dishes, floors, windows, washing, watering indoor flowers takes up to 180-200 liters of water per day.

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Water is widely used in rural areas and in agriculture. Also, every year, during the season, summer residents use water in large quantities for watering vegetable gardens and orchards.


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When extinguishing fires, large volumes of water cannot be dispensed with, since water in such cases is used both as a cooling liquid and as an insulating liquid in a foam composition (it does not allow air flow to an open fire).

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Water is also used as the main heat carrier. For this, it is used in heating systems, heating mains. As ice, water is used to cool various catering systems and for medical purposes.

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It is hard to imagine many sports without water, such as swimming, water polo, rowing, hockey, curling, figure skating and others. Healthy rest includes the opportunity to visit a bathhouse, sauna, water park, swimming pool, where water is also indispensable.

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Water is widely used in the field of chemistry, as a solvent and diluent of many substances, in industry, for example, mining and oil.

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