What Unusual Phobias Are

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What Unusual Phobias Are
What Unusual Phobias Are

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Phobia is an obsessive, unfounded fear associated with a specific stimulus. You cannot get rid of this fear by logical reasoning. Currently, about 9000 types of phobias are known.

What unusual phobias are
What unusual phobias are

Fear of natural phenomena and social situations

There are many bizarre phobias about nature and natural phenomena. You can be afraid of clouds - nephophobia, sunlight - fengophobia, and even daytime - eosphobia. Also, some people are afraid of such space objects and phenomena as meteors and comets, the Northern Lights and the Moon. The fear of ordinary natural phenomena is interesting: fog - homichlophobia, rain - ombrophobia, wind - ankraophobia, snow - chionophobia.

There are many phobias associated with certain social situations. Some of them seem particularly quirky. For example, panic can be caused by the prospect of being criticized - enissophobia, the onset of lunch time - deipnophobia, being hypnotized - hypnophobia. Officially, there is even a fear of marriage - gamophobia. Another strange fear of hearing good news is eupophobia.

Fear of substances, conditions and objects

There are many fears about various substances and substances. For example, fear of alcohol is methylophobia, fear of gold is aurophobia. Fears about physiological and emotional states are also strange. You can be panicky afraid of fatigue - copophobia, menstruation - menophobia, defeat - kakorrafiophobia, freedom - eleutrophobia, fun - cherophobia, love - erotophobia, joy - hedonophobia. The fear of responsibility also really exists in the form of a phobia: hypengiophobia.

There are all kinds of phobias in relation to diseases, but there is nothing strange in this. There are also a lot of fears regarding the animal world, but this is also very standard. Phobias of various objects are much more interesting. Phobia of asymmetric things - asymmetrophobia, sacred objects - hagiophobia, tissues - textophobia, bird feathers - pteronophobia, money - chrometophobia.

Fear of people, actions and abstract concepts

Phobias associated with people: bald - peladophobia, bearded - pogonophobia, innocent girls - parthenophobia, men - androphobia, politicians - politicophobia, relatives - syngenezophobia, women - gynophobia. Interesting phobias associated with everyday activities: fear of dressing - vestiphobia, not doing your duty - paralipophobia, writing - graphophobia, studying - sofophobia, sleeping - somnophobia, thinking - frtemophobia, going home - nostophobia.

The nature of phobias associated with all sorts of abstract concepts may seem especially incomprehensible. The phobia of infinity is apeirophobia, the soul is psychophobia, the names are nomatophobia, philosophy is philosophobia, poetry is metrophobia, progress is prosophobia.

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