How To Deal With Distraction And Inattention

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How To Deal With Distraction And Inattention
How To Deal With Distraction And Inattention

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Absent-mindedness and inattention - these qualities can be innate or acquired due to various factors. Such an individual is easily distracted by insignificant things, jumps from one activity to another, which prevents him from achieving significant goals. To effectively deal with distraction and inattention, you need to understand the reasons for their appearance.

How to deal with distraction and inattention
How to deal with distraction and inattention

Reasons for the appearance of absent-mindedness and inattention

One of the most common causes of absent-mindedness is routine. Habitual activity is most often performed by inertia, automatically, while attention is focused on something else. And if a person is distracted, he most likely will not be able to remember at what stage he finished the work. In addition, distracted attention can be caused by stress, mental or physical fatigue, age, and the presence of external or internal distractions.

Inattention often leads to serious mistakes, and in the activities of drivers, train drivers, air traffic controllers, it can cause irreparable consequences.

How to focus and stop distractions

If your mindfulness suffers from the monotony of work, psychologists recommend not relying on a habit, but controlling each stage and key moments with the participation of consciousness. Always check if you have followed all the steps. Stop between stages of work, mentally plan further operations.

When fatigue becomes the cause of absent-mindedness, you need to pause and rest. In this case, changing activities also helps - walk down the street, leaf through a magazine or book.

As you work, focus on the moment. Fight the brain's attempts to start hovering in the clouds, otherwise distraction and inattention will become the norm in your life. Come up with conscious associations - associate affairs with objects. As a result, once you are in the right place, you will remember what needs to be done.

If business awaits you - start right away. The many unfinished business that you have accumulated clog your mind, scatter your attention, preventing you from focusing on the most important problem. Prioritize wisely and deal with urgent matters first.

Use visual cues and reminders. These can be timers, alarms, sticky notes, special computer programs. At the right time, these assistants will remind you of the business that needs to be done.

Avoid chaos and confusion. Everything irrelevant on your desktop and on your computer constantly distracts you, prevents you from fully concentrating on your work. Take away books, magazines, photographs, old labels, and other things that scatter your attention.

If you are worried about any event, very tired, postpone important matters for several hours or days. By that time, you will have time to calm down and rest, so you will not make serious mistakes.

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