How Much Does The President Of Russia Earn

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How Much Does The President Of Russia Earn
How Much Does The President Of Russia Earn

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It is believed that the first persons of the states live on state support. However, in reality, both presidents and prime ministers and chancellors receive salaries like civil servants, the only difference is in their size.

How much does the President of Russia earn
How much does the President of Russia earn

On the one hand, the president's salary is not a secret on a national scale, some figures are still named and even published. But on the other hand, one cannot fully rely on the figures provided by the media, since in addition to the official salary, the president is provided with various kinds of allowances, bonuses and bonuses. Of course, the president's salary cannot be small, since it is difficult to overestimate the list of responsibilities assigned to the country's leader.

The president himself does not comment on his salary, but it is not so easy to hide the true size, since the presidential income is spelled out as a separate item in the federal budget. The approximate salary of the President of Russia, according to the federal budget approved by the State Duma, is 281,500 rubles a month.

By the way, like other civil servants, the president annually reports on his income in April by filling out a declaration, excerpts from which are published on the Kremlin's website. So, according to the document, in 2013 V. Putin earned 3.672 million rubles, in 2012 - 5.79 million rubles, and in 2011 - 3.7 million rubles.

Salary or Income?

Some sources indicate that in 2014 the salary of the Russian President V.V. Putin made about 340 thousand rubles a month.

Economists, however, believe that in fact the president's real wages are several times higher than the figure approved by the federal budget. Even calculations were made, according to which the leader of the Russian state in 2007 received about three million rubles per month, or rather 2, 7 million. It is logical to assume that this figure is growing every year. The calculations are based on an objective assessment of representative functions, spending, compulsory expenses, coupled with the estimated income, which has become known from various sources. It is important to understand that these calculations are not about the actual salary, but about the income of an official who, by the way, according to the law, has no right to participate in activities or to profit from the activities of commercial organizations.

And how are they?

If we compare it with the salaries of other leaders of states, then our president has a very decent fee. Translated into the dollar equivalent, V.V. Putin's monthly income is about $ 23366.00. For example, President Ayzerbadzhan Ilham Aliyev has an income of $ 18,750.00 a month, and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has $ 2823.00. US President Barack Obama has the largest monthly salary, which reaches $ 32,917.00.

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