Sesame Street Characters

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Sesame Street Characters
Sesame Street Characters

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Sesame Street is one of the most popular children's TV shows around the world. It was created by American and Russian psychologists and educators. In addition, child development specialists have made sure that this show is the most engaging and accessible for preschoolers and children over 12 years old.

Sesame Street is the world's most popular children's TV show
Sesame Street is the world's most popular children's TV show

The birthday of Sesame Street is November 11, 1969. It was on this day that a children's television show was first aired by America's largest non-profit network, PBS. The show is also broadcast there at the present time.

It is worth noting that, within the framework of Russian television, Sesame Street was first aired in 1996 on ORT and NTV channels. The first channel showed the show until 2000, and the second - until 2004. From 2000 to 2008, the favorite children's TV show was aired on the STS entertainment channel. Today the show of "Sesame Street" on domestic television is closed, but the show continues in America.

What does Sesame Street teach?

This funny children's TV show teaches children not only to count and read, but also in a playful way gives the necessary knowledge about the main values ​​and norms of modern society. From the blue TV screens, children learn about the positive and negative traits of a person's character, learn in the game to solve certain social conflicts peacefully, etc.

In addition, Sesame Street is designed to foster self-esteem in a child, make him an optimist, teach him to take an active life position, and also stimulate his curiosity in relation to the world around him. In this they are helped by Kubik, Zeliboba, Businka and other funny, kind and funny characters. You should get to know them better.

Sesame Street Characters

The Russian version of Sesame Street contains both its own unique plots with Russian dolls, and dubbed plots-inserts from the international (American) version. The characters of the Russian version of Sesame Street are Kubik, Businka, Zeliboba, the janitor's aunt Dasha, the girl Katya and her parents.

Cube. This is a funny monster of bright orange color. He has dark red hair on his head. Its distinguishing feature is the ability to invent something. Moreover, inventions are both completely unusual and strange, and everyone is familiar (for example, a bicycle). It is curious that the Cube is capable of persistently reflecting on even the most trivial problem. It is worth recalling that his favorite words are: "If you think about it …".

Bead. This is also a funny monster, only a girl. She is dyed bright crimson and has a great variety of braids. The bead is still that fashionista. She just loves to dress up in certain outfits. Bead has a special passion for bows. Also, this character loves to listen to some music and eat carrots.

Zeliboba. Outwardly, this character resembles a huge shaggy dog ​​walking on its hind legs. He has a robe-like blue and thick coat, a multi-colored tie hanging around his neck, and oversized white sneakers on his feet. Zeliboba lives in a giant oak tree located near the children's playground.

In general, the creators of Sesame Street claim that Zeliboba is a courtyard spirit. He is the patron saint of the residential area featured in the TV show. The creators endowed this character with exceptional kindness, gullibility and curiosity. Zeliboba has a phenomenal scent: he smells not only different smells, but also the weather, music and even someone's mood.

Zeliboba just loves to play pranks on her friends - Cubic and Businka. For example, he may pretend to be a foreign tourist. Initially, the color of Zeliboba's "wool" was supposed to be brown, but Russian developers opposed this, citing blue as being more associated with perfume.

The company of these three funny characters is made up of people - aunt Dasha, who works as a janitor in the local courtyard, the girl Katya and her parents - mother Nina and father Sasha. In addition, the international version of Sesame Street assumes the presence of minor characters who were included in the Russian version of the TV show as sidebars. These characters include funny friends Vlas and Yenik, an interviewer frog named Kermit, Big Bird, monsters Korzhik, Elmo, Oscar, Znak.

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